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“Electricity is really just organized lightning”

-George Carlin
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According to Bloomberg NEF, the demand for electrical power worldwide is expected to increase by 57% by 2050 to an astounding 38,700 terawatt-hours. That's a lot of new energy that's going to be generated, and that will need electrical equipment to support it. At the same time, the existing power grid will continue to need service and upgrade. That means everyone is going to need a lot more circuit breakers to keep all this power flowing safely and evenly. ROMAC Electrical Power Equipment is ready to make sure that power professionals like you have the resources, and circuit breakers, they need to expand, retrofit, retrofill, service, and maintain all the current and future equipment out there on this power hungry globe.

Circuit breakers are removed from service and, at some point, reapplied more than any other type of electrical hardware. The majority of these re-applications is completed with no shop or field testing performed. The need for re-qualification is extreme. While manufacturer product is very robust and suitable for reuse under the proper circumstances, performance verification is critical to any re-installation. ROMAC's Supply division provides new, surplus, and reconditioned circuit breakers to meet the demands of the expanding power grid. We have thousands of circuit breakers in stock.

Reconditioned circuit breakers go through a multipoint inspection, replacement, and testing procedure outlined in the ANSI PEARL Electrical Equipment Reconditioning Standard .

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We have thousands of unused surplus molded case circuit breakers in stock. All makes, models and sizes. Contact ROMAC Supply now and we'll help you find the specific breaker, or breakers, you need now.
250A 3 Pole 600V
Many Surplus Siemens models are available!
Or Call 1-800-77-ROMAC
400A 3 Pole 600V
Many Surplus ABB models are available!
Or Call 1-800-77-ROMAC
150A 3 Pole 600V
Many Surplus Square D models are available!
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400A 3 Pole 600V
Many Surplus GE models are available!
Or Call 1-800-77-ROMAC
150A 3 Pole 600V
Many Surplus EATON models are available!
Or Call 1-800-77-ROMAC
Did You Know?
Back in 1879 Thomas Edison first conceived the idea for a circuit breaker-- a mechanical device that would break a connection at a specific current. However, Edison decided to go with fuses. It was not until 1898 that the Boston Electric Light Company implemented the first electric breaker at a local L train station.
Granville Woods, Inventor
Inventor Granville Woods is credited with improving the circuit breaker design in the early 1900's. His contributions to the development of the breaker led to Cutter Manufacturing Company producing the first widely used circuit breakers in 1904. Since then, circuit breakers have undergone numerous changes and iterations to become the diverse product category they make up today.
Get The Originals!
ZINSCO Breakers
Surplus and Reconditioned
(Some Very Rare Models!)
Retail box is for display only. Most surplus breakers do not come in a retail box
Or Call 1-800-77-ROMAC
Actual breaker condition varies
SQUARE-D XO Breakers
Surplus in a Variety of Sizes and Models
We have various XO Circuit Breakers in stock
Retail box is for display only. Most surplus breakers do not come in a retail box
Retail box is for display only. Most surplus breakers do not come in a retail box
Surplus in a variety of Sizes and Models
Or Call 1-800-77-ROMAC
ROMAC Supply has reconditioned circuit breakers in stock and ready to ship. Our reconditioned breakers undergo an exhaustive process of testing, reconditioning, and post-reconditioning testing as detailed by the ANSI PEARL Electrical Equipment Reconditioning Standard. Learn more about buying reconditioned breakers on our blog.
Square D Power Zone Center with Masterclad Switchgear
ROMAC Supply has just acquired a Square D Powerhouse recently taken out of service and in excellent condition. This 5kV 100A Power Zone Center, with Masterclad Switchgear features:

  • 5 Square D Type VR 5kV 1200A 250 MVA Breakers (V5D3122Y000)
  • 50/51G Overcurrent Protection
  • PT and CPT Drawers
  • Battery Rack and Spill Container
  • Battery Charger
  • Timer for Battery Exhaust System
  • Air Conditioning w/ Thermostat

We are offering this unit as-is or completely reconditioned / retrofit to meet your particular needs.
This is an incredible find and we can't guarantee that it will be around long, so get a quote ASAP.
Download High Resolution Images by Clicking the Pictures Below
Or Call 1-800-77-ROMAC
You might have some questions about buying reconditioned circuit breakers and we definitely have the answers you need to be an informed consumer. Our blog post this month addresses some of the questions we get at ROMAC Supply about reconditioned circuit breakers.

  • Is it safe to use a reconditioned breaker?
  • Why buy a reconditioned circuit breaker?
  • Are there alternatives to reconditioned breakers?
  • If I do purchase and install a reconditioned circuit breaker, how can I be sure that it meets or exceeds the safety parameters for which it was designed?

Find the answers to these important questions and more on our blog:
ROMAC Electrical Power Equipment's PCI (Power Controls Inc.) division manufactures brand new switchgear and other electrical power gear. PCI now has a new and improved website. The new updated website contains information about PCI product lines, custom gear, and services.
Check it out now!
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