Remember the game Whack a Mole? It was also sometimes called Bop a Mole. There was a board game version, an arcade version, a video version. The game was developed based on the idea of over zealous suburbanites or golf course owners driven mad by relentless moles in their yards or courses. In the game, players use a mallet to hit moles, which appear at random, back into their holes. A mole would pop its head up and the player would whack the mole. As soon as that mole was whacked, another would pop its head up and then another and another and another. The more you bopped them, the faster and faster the moles would pop up. It was a game you couldn’t win. It was a game that didn’t have a point.

Placing our happiness in things outside of us is exactly like this. Our constant need to control or arrange the world to be exactly to our liking is exhausting and relentless. It is a game. It is a lie. What is the next thing you will need to make you happy? And the next and the next? Whacking moles until you take your last breath. Maybe, only in that last breath, comes the full realization that happiness and peace was in you all along.

The second we understand this, we are free. It is such a relief. Let’s try several scenarios on for size... READ MORE