June 1, 2022

New & Exciting

Broker Fact Sheets

are Now Available!!!

The Molina Sales & Marketing team is proud to release its collection of state-by-state broker sheets for our Medicare plans across the United States. These profiles serve as reference materials for our brokers on each state's Medicare plans. 

When you log in to your broker portal, you'll find:

  • Detailed lists and maps of our lines of business
  • Highlights of each plan's products
  • Business partners you can rely on, including local health care and support networks
  • Services offered by Molina professionals who specialize in your communities
  • And more!
Visit your Broker Portal here!
In Case You Missed It

Broker Material Request Form

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Molina Matters 5.25.2022

FEMA Disaster Declarations

We've recently learned that while the FEMA website provides important information on federally-declared disasters, it is not updated as often as is the DHHS Public Health Emergency website. For the most current information on declared disasters, please visit: 


Rely on our Resources

Upcoming Training Sessions: Please visit the Molina Broker Center for a full list of upcoming training, events and webinars. Opportunities include:

  • Medicare 2022 Product Training
  • Enrollment Options
  • New Broker Orientation

What's available? On the Molina Broker Portal you'll find:

  • Medicare Marketing Materials Index
  • Broker Material Request Form
  • Medicare Producer Guide
  • Health Risk Assessment: Agent Process
  • Updated 2022 Producer Guide

Who knows?

  • Questions? Please contact Medicare Broker Services.

Phone:  (866) 440-9788

Fax:      (866) 891-2422

Email: Broker@MolinaHealthcare.com

Agents must be ready to sell, which means certified, contracted, licensed in the applicable states and appointed by Molina Healthcare, Inc. in accordance with state law prior to engaging in the sale of Molina Healthcare products. Any dissemination or distribution of this material is strictly prohibited and may result in corrective action up through termination of your contract with Molina Healthcare, Inc.