JUNE 8, 2022

New & Exciting

Get to Know Your Broker Services Unit (BSU)

Broker Services Unit: 

a professional team of experts that delivers work or aids in completing a task for the benefit of its customers.

Helping you reach higher!

Molina Healthcare is proud to showcase our Broker Services Unit. We're dedicated business partners, happy to work with you to understand and promote our health care plans.

Our phone team is growing and expanding! We now have even more advisors and operate 12 hours each weekday. We aim for a 48-hour turnaround time on all your inquiries.

We have regularly-scheduled training sessions and quality assessments, empowering us to become subject matter experts on the topics you care most about, including:

Doing Business

  • Prospect eligibility verification: Medicare and Medicaid
  • Enrollments: questions, LIS level, status and issues
  • Manage agent and agency contracts
  • Billing issues
  • Claims processing and payment inquiries
  • Systems help: Callidus Workflow, ICM Portal, DRX electronic enrollments 
  • Training support on systems, tools and apps
  • Information needs: AHIP, licenses and certifications
  • Marketing material order processing


  • ID card requests
  • Durable medical equipment inquiries
  • Prescription drug issues, escalation and inquiries
  • Benefit details, including inquiries on hearing, vision, dental and OTC
  • Prior authorization status review
  • Access to immediate medical services


  • Finding/changing a PCP or home health provider
  • Assist in finding specialists in your area
  • Provider network verification inquiries

We're here for you!

Monday-Friday 6:00 AM – 6:00 PM (Mountain Time)

Phone: (866) 440-9788, option 2

Scope of Appointment Line:

(844) 885-3948

Fax Lines:

(844) 541-6848

(Paper enrollment applications)

(866) 891-2422

(Contracting/material orders)

Email addresses:






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Rely on our Resources

Upcoming Training Sessions:

Please visit the Molina Broker Center for a full list of upcoming training, events and webinars. Opportunities include:

  • Medicare 2022 Product Training
  • Enrollment Options
  • New Broker Orientation

What's available? On the Molina Broker Portal you'll find:

  • Medicare Marketing Materials Index
  • Broker Material Request Form
  • Medicare Producer Guide
  • Health Risk Assessment: Agent Process
  • Updated 2022 Producer Guide

Who knows?

  • Questions? Please contact Medicare Broker Services.

Phone:  (866) 440-9788

Fax:      (866) 891-2422

Email: Broker@MolinaHealthcare.com

Agents must be ready to sell, which means certified, contracted, licensed in the applicable states and appointed by Molina Healthcare, Inc. in accordance with state law prior to engaging in the sale of Molina Healthcare products. Any dissemination or distribution of this material is strictly prohibited and may result in corrective action up through termination of your contract with Molina Healthcare, Inc.