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CVS Pharmacy Marketing Events

2022-2023 Policy

We're excited to announce that in-person marketing events are back!

Reminder: there are two types of marketing events - Molina's and CVS Pharmacy's. The following policies and protocols apply only to 

CVS Pharmacy Marketing Events.

Before You Go

Important Dates

All marketing events must be submitted to the Sales Engagement team at least 4 weeks in advance to schedule a CVS marketing event. Please review the blackout dates before submitting a request. To see those dates, a table of best practices, and an FAQ, please download them using the red "information" button below.


Not all CVS stores participate in this program. Please review the tab titled "All Participating Stores" when completing the form. For a complete list of stores, click the red button below.


You must complete and submit an Event Proposal Form, which may be downloaded from the red button and also found on the Molina Agent Center. Please send your completed form to: [email protected].

Approval emails will include the link for your LOA (letter of approval), which the CVS manager may require upon your arrival.


If you need to cancel or reschedule a planned event, cancellations must be made 21 days in advance.

During the Event

Information HERE

Health & Safety

All plan agents/representatives must comply with the COVID-19 temperature scan requirements for CVS health vendors (included with the proposal form)

Agents/representatives may be required to wear a face mask or face covering that meets CDC standards while in the store.

Set-up & Processing

Agents/representatives must have their electronic or printed version of the Letter of Authorization (LOA) to present to store manager on duty.

Health plans must provide their own tables and chairs for all events. Tables may not exceed 48”x 24” in size.

Agents/representatives should capture leads electronically, to minimize transfer of paper documents/ materials.  

To maintain your supplies of marketing collateral, please provide only one per customer.

Want to learn more?

Contact the Sales Engagement Team at:

[email protected]

Agents must be ready to sell, which means certified, contracted, licensed in the applicable states and appointed by Molina Healthcare, Inc. in accordance with state law prior to engaging in the sale of Molina Healthcare products. Any dissemination or distribution of this material is strictly prohibited and may result in corrective action up through termination of your contract with Molina Healthcare, Inc. 

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