17 April 2019
Molloy Education Students
Greetings from Mr. Gault

The time leading up to Holy Week has been very busy and filled with adventure for all of us here at The De La Salle School. We continued our Career Day Speaker series with this month's guest speaker Mr. Peter Patch. Mr. Patch, a management consultant regaled the students with his early adventures in the Peace Corp as well as the many opportunities his career offered to him as he traveled the world for business. With a focus on the phrase " You can't be outstanding unless you're willing to stand out," he gave a very inspiring presentation of the benefits of always being prepared and to not be afraid of hard work. This was followed by a very lively Q&A session.

Our collaboration with Molloy College continues on several different levels. With the oversight of Dr. Kevin Sheehan, student teachers have had several opportunities to prepare lessons for Ms. Buttigieg's fifth grade history class. It is a pleasure to see such energy and enthusiasm from these young teachers and to be so encouraged by the student's positive reaction to the lessons. Dr. Sheehan's students also shared their talents with our students, their families and our graduates with a fun-filled evening of STEAM experiments. All family members joined together to build catapults, boats to float pennies and tennis ball towers while learning about wind power, speed and gravity.

Last week concluded the third quarter of our academic year. Parents eagerly picked up their sons report cards and celebrated in their academic success. Almost sixty percent of the student body achieved a position on the Honor Roll for this quarter. Congratulations to all the young men who worked so hard to secure their spot on the Honor Roll and a special thank you to our teachers for their time and energy helping the students achieve their goals.

The De La Salle School will honor Susan Santoro Bevilacqua at the school's Seventeenth Annual Spring Gala on Friday, 17 May 2019. Susan is involved with many philanthropic endeavors but emphasizes that her love for The De La Salle School began during the feasibility study, long before the first student was admitted or graced our halls. She clearly believes and supports the mission of our school. This gathering, whose theme is "Rainbow of Hope", will take place at The Sands Atlantic Beach located in Atlantic Beach, NY. The Gala begins at 7:00 PM and concludes at 11:30 PM. The evening includes a fabulous array of auction items along with dinner and dancing. Proceeds benefit the school's Scholarship Fund. For further information please contact William Gault at 516- 379-8660 or via email at TDLSSGala@delasalleschool.org.
At The De La Salle School we traditionally conclude Lent with the praying of the Stations of the Cross during Holy Week. Again, this year our eighth graders will lead us in this solemn reflection on the passion and death of Jesus. We offer our students' reenactment of aspects of Jesus's way of the cross not only to our school families but also to all in the larger community as an invitation to reflect on the greatness of God's love for each of us. This prayer is made yearly for all of our friends and benefactors who help us accomplish our mission of providing a human and Christian education to those that God has entrusted to our care.
A blessed Holy Week and a joyous Easter from all at The De La Salle School!
Career Day with Peter Patch

Molloy Collaboration & STEAM Night

Week of 1 April

Word of the Week

prodigal (adjective) -
characterized by profuse or wasteful expenditure; generosity in giving; recklessly spendthrift
prodigal  (noun)
one who spends or gives lavishly and foolishly ; one who has returned after an absence

Gentleman of the Week - Jason C., 5th Grade
Writer of the Week - Jonathan F., 7th Grade
Artist of the Week - Jose M., 6th Grade

Week of 8 April

Word of the Week

justice (noun) -   
the process or result of using laws to fairly judge and punish crimes and criminals;  a judge in a court of law; the quality of being fair or just

Gentleman of the Week - Danny B., 6th Grade
Writer of the Week - Dariel S., 7th Grade
Artist of the Week - Karim F., 5th Grade

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