Jack Molnar
Infinity Pier
30" x 42"

Jack Molnar
Myrtle Beach, SC

Photography became a serious hobby for me when I moved to Myrtle Beach 10 years ago. I had always taken sunrise and sunset pictures with a point and shoot camera when I was on vacations. However, now having a great photogenic location like the Grand Strand spurred me to get serious about my hobby. I got a "real" digital camera with interchangeable lenses. 

With my first serious digital camera I focused on creating clear and vivid pictures of what I saw through the lens. It was a learning curve. I did not ( as some do) alter the digital data to create something new and different. However, after seeing what some call "digital art," I came to believe that being creative with the digital data was OK in the name of art. 

This photograph of the Myrtle Beach State Park pier was my first successful attempt at digital art. I erased the roof at the end of the pier, the fishermen and their gear, and the large chair for tourists' picture taking. I tapered the end of the pier and lowered the clouds. My intention was to create an image of a pier that runs to the horizon. I liked it. I hope you do, too.