Great Days Start At Night!

Practical Tips to a Successful Day

As a full-time mom and physician, I have learned that implementing a routine to your schedule can help decrease stress and improve your overall 

health.  A lack of a routine can add unnecessary stress and affect your health. Increased stress can predispose you to medical problems like high blood pressure, anxiety, depression and insomnia just to name a few. 


Establish a nightly routine and stick to it, even if you're tired.  You and your family will be grateful you did the next day.  Here are three activities to include in your nightly routine to ensure your next day goes smoothly:


Prepare meals to save time and money.

Not just lunches for your kids, but breakfast, lunch and dinner for the whole family.  Prep as much as you can on the weekend and the night before so you have less work to do the following day.  Having meals planned will not only encourage you to eat healthier, but you will save money by dining at home.


Write a schedule for the day. 

Make sure the items on the schedule aren't unreasonable or impossible to complete.  Rank them by importance.  Starting with those activities that have to get done the following day and ending with activities that would be nice to complete, but if not, you can tackle them the following day.


Set aside 20 minutes or so for yourself! 

Read an uplifting book, take a long bath, exercise, stretch or just sit.  Either way you'll find yourself centered and ready for what the morning can throw your way.  


Establishing a simple, nighttime routine can result in better sleep, positive attitude and less stress, which in turn, can improve mental health and decrease illness. Watch here for my quick tips!


Remember, if you aren't feeling your best - it translates into the lives of your family.  You are the safe haven and joy for your family.  Invest that time in the evening for a better tomorrow.

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Not many doctors can claim previous experience as a Radio City Rockette --- but then, Dr. Marsonek is not your average family physician. Though her professional dancing days may be behind her, she applies every bit of the hard work, precision and positive energy that her former occupation demanded to advancing the physical, emotional and spiritual wellness of each patient she sees.

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