JUNE 2020
SRC* takes an all-inclusive, holistic approach to maintaining each client's dignity and quality of life. With the guidance of nurse case management, certified financial planning and elder law overview, each client's care needs, financial asset protection and legal issues are addressed and resolved.
You may remember from our last newsletter, we entered the world of social media. Facebook and Instagram have opened up our world to share all of the questions we received from our clients, friends and families. For those not on social media, we wanted to make sure you were able to review and, hopefully, forward along this email to family and friends and share, like, follow and ask others to do the same on Facebook and Instagram. We would be most appreciative!

We hope we didn’t need to spell out the “ad campaign theme” but to be clear, our message is that Mom and Dad were there for us growing up, now it’s our turn to get them everything they need!

Here’s the ads for you to check out:
Mom & Dad’s Home

They paid for your college without losing their house. Show them how to pay for their nursing home without losing the house.  

One mom can take care of 8-kids; now it's time for eight kids to take care of 1 mom. If your mom needs more than just family care, we can help you get mom the services she needs and deserves while protecting her, her assets, and her dignity.    
Dad Carried You

He carried you for so long. Now it’s your turn to carry him. Get Dad's home care paid for.    
Keys To The Car

Remember when dad gave you the keys to his car? Now it's your time to drive him around.  
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