~ Weekly MomMemo ~
Dear Mom,

This Friday marked a sobering anniversary for our nation. As we remember the horrific events that occurred on September 11, 2001, let us also remember the unity that was inspired in their aftermath. Following the devastating attacks, our nation was brought together: As a nation, we prayed more, we spent time with our families, and the American flag was everywhere. That's the America we need today.

The talking heads in the mainstream media want to divide us and highlight our differences. As moms, we can see what unites us. Without our freedoms, Americans would not be Americans. No matter where we fall on certain issues, we must unite in defending the foundation of freedom that makes our great nation possible. The challenges of recent months have not been a decisive and devastating attack like September 11, but the curtailing of liberty, civil unrest, and violence in our streets are indeed a threat.
"Crisis is the rallying cry of the tyrant."
-James Madison
Political forces working to undermine the principles of our founding are not only opposed to liberty but are fundamentally anti- American. The radicalism of the Left is driving the Walk Away movement. As we remember the terrorist attacks of September 11, let's remember how we reached out and connected with our neighbors. The silent majority cannot remain silent when a message of common sense and liberty is so badly needed by so many.

This common sense, or "mommy sense," is a threat to the elites seeking to grab power in a time of crisis. We know this, because they have tried to silence us. For weeks, the team at Moms for America® has been working to find a way to communicate with our supporters. Big Tech flagged our emails and prevented us from reaching people who want to hear from us.
After weeks of hard work, we have found a way to continue our outreach and keep supporters informed with the important information we have to share. Once again, I need your help: Take a moment to add moms@momsforamerica.net to your contact list. This lets the tech companies blocking our emails know that you really want to hear from us and we are a legitimate organization. You can still find all of our updates and resources at momsforamerica.us, however, when you email us, use the .net.

Our nation needs the voices of moms like you amplified. Moms are the voice of calm and reason to counteract the crisis threatening to drive our nation apart. As we remember 911, let us be a force of unity.

In Truth and Liberty,
Kimberly Fletcher
President & Founder, Moms for America®
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Have you noticed that the Electoral College is under attack like never before? You may think this is not an issue that directly affects you or you may know that it does but be unsure how to respond.

Join MFA Director of Education and Policy Lisa Cummins and Michael C. Maibach, a Distinguished Fellow for Save Our States , a non-profit dedicated to defending the Electoral College. On September 18 at 10 a.m. Central, we'll be live discussing the Electoral College in depth and what you can do to ensure that the safeguards of liberty our founders put in place remain.

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If you missed our first event with Mr. Maibach, you can watch it here.
Moms for America® is preparing to celebrate Constitution Day this Thursday. Will you join us?

Dawn Damiani, MFA Illinois State Liaison, discusses the importance of the Constitution and what it means for Americans and the upcoming election.
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Moms for America® Founder and President Kimberly Fletcher on the freedoms we need to defend:

"Moms, if we don't vote, our freedoms can and will be taken away. It's time to maximize the power of our voice. Stand up for your freedom and vote your values on Election Day."

Watch the video:
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