~ Weekly MomMemo ~
Dear Mom,

Our mission is clear—restore and secure the Republic! If you haven’t seen the video of my speech from the “March to Save America Rally” in Washington, D.C., January 5th please view it here.

You are leaders in joining the Moms for America® (MFA) movement to secure the principles of freedom, faith, family, work, and opportunity--America’s foundational principles. We have a duty to secure this freedom for our families.

Please join us in reaching our fundraising goal of $1.2M. Funds will support 3 significant initiatives:

 *  Broad outreach across America
We need to reach 500,000 Moms by September 2021.

 *  PR, Marketing, and Communications
We need to counter the Liberal’s social activism with our messaging of election integrity, Constitutional principles, and our common values of freedom and patriotism.

 *  MFA’s annual Convention & Gala

We will engage moms to prioritize our goals, celebrate our successes, and present the 2021 Mothers of Influence and Legacy Awards.

We are 75,000 registered moms strong. If each of us contributes just $20, our fundraising goal will be complete, and we can get on with our mission of moving from a silent to a vocal majority. Our collective voices will resonate in the halls of our nation’s Capital and reach politicians to advance Constitutional principles and impact policy.

The time for action is now! Please support us today with a Secure Online Donation.
The future of America is in our hands!

In Truth and Liberty,
Kimberly Fletcher
President & Founder, Moms for America®
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While Moms for America has become a powerful voice in the cultural and political issues of our day, the core of what we do is promoting a love of liberty in the home through the mothers of America. After the events of the last few months, it is more apparent than ever that our core mission is vital to saving our Republic and healing our nation.

Join us for the Healing of America Seminar Series. We will meet every Wednesday at 11:00 AM Eastern from January 13th to May 5th. You can join live or view the recording when you’re not able attend in person.

You can register for the series here. Course materials are available for purchase here.
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This is a place where we can meet to discuss the things important to us as mothers and mothers at heart—where we can share ideas, express concerns, and offer support and encourage each other in the greatest work we’ll ever do. We are literally shaping the future of America. The values and virtues we teach and nurture in our home will become the future standard for our nation.

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