~ Weekly MomMemo ~
Dear Mom,

This week, we joined moms in Washington, D.C., to stand for the Republic. We are not here for a single election or a single candidate. We are here to save the Republic. You can watch our livestream of the entire Save the Republic Rally.

From the founding of our nation, mothers have played a vital role in passing on the legacy of liberty. This week, we joined American mothers through the ages in securing and protecting our freedoms.

Mothers are such a powerful force because they do not fight only for themselves but for their children and their children's children. The anti-American activists seeking to dismantle our Republic may think that we will go away once this election is over, but we will keep coming back until liberty is safeguarded and our children's futures are secure.

You can listen to my rally speech here:
As I said before the crowd, we need to be prepared to answer our children when they ask us, "Where were you when the Republic was on the verge of collapse?" We were here. We were standing in the rain, rallying for freedom, rallying for integrity.

Moms for America® exists to raise the bar in public discourse and to restore our culture. We are calling on our elected officials to ensure transparency and integrity so that we know our Republic will continue. Our rights come from God, and when the government starts to infringe on those rights instead of protecting them, it's time to stand and resist.

When mothers are united in Truth, we are unstoppable. The rally showed how many of us there are and how much we can accomplish together. Whatever lies ahead, we will continue our work to save the Republic.

In Truth and Liberty,
Kimberly Fletcher
President & Founder, Moms for America®
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