Summer 2022
How $2.4M Can Change the Trajectory of West Baltimore Cardiovascular Health Disparities

A faculty member and researcher is serving as the principal investigator on a Pathways to Health Equity grant-funded project aimed at reducing isolation and inequities in cardiovascular health in UMSON’s local West Baltimore community. Read more.
Nurses Collaborate on Age-Friendly Efforts

As the aging population in the United States grows, the University of Maryland, Baltimore and the University of Maryland Medical Center are focusing on age-friendly practices to support healthy aging in their patients and workforce. Read more.
Faculty and Students Contribute to the CURE

UMSON joins the University of Maryland, Baltimore in celebrating the graduation of its first cohort of CURE Scholars after seven years of faculty and student involvement in mentoring and teaching the West Baltimore students. Read more.
Making Connections to Support UMSON's Mission

UMSON’s associate dean for development and alumni relations discusses how her team’s multipronged approach, including engaging the School’s alumni, is critical to advancing UMSON’s mission. Read more.
On the Virtual Road to Pain Relief 

What if relief for debilitating chronic pain was, quite literally, just within sight? An UMSON researcher explores how virtual reality technology can be used to potentially increase pain tolerance. Read more.
UMSON courses at entry and advanced levels had been mapped, as of June, to 204 subcompetencies of the American Association of Colleges of Nursing’s new Essentials, ensuring that UMSON’s curriculum is aligned with the revised blueprint for competency-based education.