Between the hustle, hard work, pressure and tight turnarounds, we always keep our eye on of our MKMC Core Values:

Move as a unit with hard work as much a part of our day as fun and laughter.

One of the ways we do this is by sitting around as a team gabbing, giggling and going gaga (not to be confused with Lady) over some of the best marketing moments across category.
What Has Us Rocking Out

The Players: James Corden + Adele
Live From: The Car, London, UK
In Case You Missed It: These two Brits unite for 15 minutes of pure comedy, banter and unbelievable harmony. Run time = 14.51.
What Has Us Licking Our Lips

The Players: David Tran + His Son-in-Law
Live From: Huy Fong Foods, Irwindale, CA
In Case You Missed It: Run don't walk to sign into your or your friend's Prime account for this rags to riches story of the cult followed favorite. Run time = 32.38
What Has Us Rooting for the Home Team

The Players: Stephen Curry
Live From: CoachUp
In Case You Missed It: There's little more motivating and uplifting than a superstar talking about the days when he was told he didn't have what it takes. Run time = 1.09.
What Has Our Vote

The Players: Tess Paras
Live From: YouTube
In Case You Missed It: We're going there. Part parody, part parable, stay tuned through the no she didn't moments for the most important message delivered at the end. Tess for President. Run time = 3.03.
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