December 19, 2022
We were sleeping on the floor of the main lodge at the Clem Miller Education Center. That’s not “the usual” but made sense for this particular Youth in Parks (YIP) trip. I happened to wake up early along with a handful of students, and with those big lodge windows we had a great view of the world outside right from our sleeping bags.

Everything was especially vibrant following the rain the day before. Right away I noticed bunnies zipping through the grass between blackberries and moved toward one student to point them out. Then slowly I turned to look out the other window and saw… TULE ELK! Right there in the meadow! They were so close!
Quickly, I navigated my way through sleepers to alert the early risers and together we (quietly) watched the elk make their way across the meadow. One elk even put on a show with bucking and jumping! We were entranced as they disappeared into the brush. What a treat. Seeing wild animals animates the natural world in ways that might change you forever.
During this short overnight program with YES: Nature to Neighborhoods youth from Richmond, we hiked in the mist, met banana slugs, touched thick moss, painted in nature journals, played indoor games during heavy rain, put our feet in the ocean, and saw tule elk while still in our pajamas.
Mapping A Park For All
All children deserve these experiences, and we so appreciate your generous donations which make the YIP program and these adventures possible. We have $30,000 to go to meet our year-end fundraising goals. Thanks for considering making a special year-end gift to help us offer these experiences to more youth in 2023.
In the coming year, we are looking forward to many exciting education programs including Spring 2023 Climate Stewards and California Naturalist classes, great new offerings from our Field Institute instructors, and a full calendar of school groups. We are especially eager to grow our YIP partnerships which bring such beautiful new experiences to Bay Area youth.
I can’t fully describe how it feels to share these moments with our participants, but please know that these memories will stay with us all forever. 
Biret Adden
Education Director
Youth in Parks Impact
Youth in Parks (YIP) is a partnership between PRNSA and local nonprofits focused on community building and mentorship in primarily BIPOC and low-income communities. Together we’ve offered recreation and education experiences at Point Reyes for hundreds of youth since early 2021. Thank you for considering a year-end gift to PRNSA to help us expand this work.
Full Moon Hike Anniversary Event
Sat, January 7 | 4:00pm - 7:30pm | Open to All!

Celebrate three years of full moon hikes! Join PRNSA under the full moon at Bear Valley to honor community, the lunar cycle, and getting to know Point Reyes in a different light. Following some time together over cozy drinks and snacks at sunset, we will gather for a group activity before heading out for a moon walk.

Full moon hikes are a PRNSA member perk, but this month we'd like to invite everyone to experience Point Reyes after dark! You can become a member today for just $10 a month.
Field Institute Classes
Sat, Jan. 7, 10:00am - 2:00pm

Volunteer with the NPS to learn how to collect fungi for displays in the 16th annual Fungus Fair the following day.

Sat, Jan. 7, 4:00pm - 7:30pm

Celebrate 3 years of full moon hikes! Join PRNSA under the full moon to experience Point Reyes in a different light.

Sun, Jan. 8, 10:00am - 4:30pm

Discover the basics of mushroom identification and information, then a foray in the nearby woods in search of seasonal fungi!

Sun, Jan. 8, 10:00am - 4:00pm

Experience and learn about the mushrooms of Point Reyes up close. Fungi are gathered by volunteers the day before.

Sat, Jan. 21, 10:00am - 2:00pm

Discover what the unbounded vitality of natural places teach us about the composition in visual and written art forms.

Sun, Feb. 12, 10:00am - 4:30pm

Explore the mysterious and fascinating world of mushrooms at Point Reyes National Seashore.

Welcoming New Board Members

Lisa is a veteran Bay Area journalist, covering science, the environment and medical research news for The San Jose Mercury News/Bay Area News Group and previously, The San Francisco Examiner/Chronicle. She joins the our board with the hope of supporting communications efforts.

Bill leads the PG&E law department’s electric and gas operations, rates, environment and land, and strategy and policy groups. Point Reyes has been a favorite recreational spot of Bill’s since the 1980s, and is a place where he feels a quiet calm, peace, and joy.

We partner with the National Park Service to create opportunities for all people to experience, enhance, and preserve Point Reyes National Seashore for present and future generations.
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