Momentum Family --

Hard to believe all of our teams have already completed their first events and are gearing up for their respective Power Leagues. I wanted to also quickly apologize for those of you who have had to wait on responses from me the last few days -- I was diagnosed with walking pneumonia this afternoon and have been down for the count since the New Year. My goal is to be back in the gym next week!

A few friendly reminders:
  • If your athlete needs to miss a practice or a tournament, please let your coaches know ASAP
  • Tournament schedules are posted to your team pages as soon as we receive them, generally by the Wednesday before, at the latest
  • Coaches will send out logistical emails to teams with as much information as they can in advance; sometimes the tournament schedule will make it to the website before coaches can email -- please be patient
  • For those of you whose teams travel, we have hotel blocks for almost all events; please check your team page and book today if you haven't already 
Read on for more information and as always, don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions!

Coach Matt

Practice T-shirts
Everyone should have received two practice t-shirts. If you have not received your two t-shirts, emails Coach Matt immediately and we will get these to you stat. 

Everyone should also have received their volleyball. Athletes are responsible for bringing their ball to every single practice and tournament. 

Uniforms are in and are being passed out to athletes now. If the size you ordered is too big or too small, please email Coach Matt immediately for troubleshooting. I placed an immediate second order with extras so we should be able to accommodate everyone's sizing issues. 

High Performance - Warmups, Pants, and Bags
All of these are in! I had intended to pick up the materials this weekend, but with my sickness didn't have a chance. Momentum staff is making a run to pick up the first round tomorrow (Thursday) and we will begin distributing it at practices immediately. If there are any sizing issues, please let me know immediately.

Club players -- if you ordered items, you will also be receiving yours. 

The first round of shoe orders were delivered before the holiday. The second round is in and will be passed out beginning Thursday and into next week. If you did not order shoes, but would like to, please email Coach Matt. 
Momentum Milestones

This is the section where I like to shout out teams, athletes, and coaches for outstanding work this season. I can't be everywhere at once, so if I've missed anything, don't hesitate to shoot me a note!
  • Coach Alex (13 Orange) is now CAP 1 certified! CAP stands for Coaching Accreditation Program and is run through the USA Volleyball program. Congrats, Coach Alex!
  • 18 Orange and Coach Tanner has a fantastic first weekend of Power League. They began the event seeded in the bottom 10% of the league (80+ teams) and moved up over 30 places in just two days. They even went 3-0 on Day 2 with only six athletes. Now that's impressive! 
  • 15 Orange had a great first tournament, finishing over .500 on the day and splitting with local rivals, Rolling Thunder
  • 13 Orange defeated Energy 13 Elite (the program's top team) in their first event of the year
  • We are very proud of 13 White! They won a set in their very first tournament -- this is a team made up almost entirely of first-time club athletes. Way to go girls!
  • Gabby Zelniker (14 White) picked up a HUGE block in her team's first tournament!
  • Next month, we hope to be announcing our first official signed athlete of the 2018 season!

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