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As we begin look towards December, we wanted to give you all an update on what our teams are working on, remind you of some of key dates, and for those of you still learning the sport, provide you a little "Volleyball 101."
  • Youth teams will be spending substantial time working on learning the 6-2 and 5-1 rotations that they will be using in matches throughout the year. To help our athletes who learn more from studying, we have put together two documents that outline each rotation. Consider printing these out so your athlete can study outside of practice. 
  • High school teams will be working a great deal on position-specific training, breaking down and rebuilding basic technique, and fitness. We want to make sure that when we get to tournament time, our building blocks are in place to always keep moving forward. 
For those of you who are still learning the sport of volleyball, we've also put together a "Volleyball 101" document to help introduce you to the sport. As the season progresses and you're watching matches, we hope you find yourself educated in the sport, as well as your athlete. One thing we work towards is that our athletes don't just learn the "how" of volleyball, but the "why." 

Click here to download Momentum's Volleyball 101.
Quick Tips:
  • For any information specific to your athlete's team, please first consult and your athlete's Team Page
  • The Spiritwear Store is still under construction, but will be distributed as soon as it is complete. 
  • As apparel is delivered, it will be circulated to your athletes. See below for more information on additional apparel.
  • Jerseys should arrive in late-December, early-January with all other apparel before the end of January. 

Practice T-Shirts
Shirts have arrived and the sizing is NOT what we had anticipated. As soon as we found this out, we placed a second order. We are passing out what we have, but many athletes may need to wait a little longer for their shirts. We are very sorry about this, but want to make sure our athletes are comfortable in the gear they are provided.

Any club athletes wishing to purchase shoes, please email Coach Matt with your size ASAP to be included on the first order. Shoes are $80 each. Payment can be made via check or cash.

High Performance athletes - shoes come with your apparel packages and will be delivered once they are shipped. 


We are currently reworking our website to allow for the purchase of spiritwear, but this is taking a little more time than we had anticipated. We appreciate your patience. 
Finance Reminders

For those of you on payment plans, December payments should be made the first full week of December. If you're paying via credit card, you will receive a Square Invoice in your email. If you're paying by check, it can be dropped off at practice with Coach Matt, any Associate Directors, or mailed to Jessica Gregory at the address below:

Jessica Gregory
1138 N. Wood St. 
Chicago, IL 60622
Momentum CFO, Jessica Gregory will confirm receipt of all received payments so you all have it for your records. Questions about payments? Please ask Jessica directly at

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