February 2021 | Volume 2
When I read this edition’s articles, my takeaway was "back to the basics is innovative." Sometimes pursuing the new can be transformative, but it’s a myth to think that a focus on the fundamentals risks missing the opportunity for change. The pandemic has revealed the importance of public health and the consequences of its neglect in the service of sexier trends. This isn’t a message of going backward; rather, we need to recommit to the basics and build back better (to coin a phrase).
Reflections On Governance, Communication, And Equity: Challenges And Opportunities In COVID-19 Vaccination
The US response to coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has been plagued with politics driving public health and messaging. As a result, COVID-19 vaccine roll out is occurring in an environment ill-equipped to achieve broad acceptance of the vaccine.
What Will the 'Next Haven Healthcare' Look Like?
Healthcare executives share their thoughts on how the next big disruptor will be perceived by the industry and the steps that organization will need to take to succeed.
Community Health Workers, Often Overlooked, Bring Trust to the Pandemic Fight
For 11 months, Cheryl Garfield, a community health worker in West Philadelphia, has been a navigator of pandemic loss and hardship. She makes calls to people who are isolated in their homes, people who are sick and afraid and people who can’t afford their rent or can’t get an appointment with a doctor.
Public Health and Population Health: Are They the Same Thing?
Especially important during a pandemic, health care’s common challenge is making sure how we deliver care and change the structures of society actually contributes to the health of the people we intend to serve.
Today’s nonprofit leaders and how they are addressing COVID-19 and beyond
2020 was tough. The pandemic forced many nonprofit organizations (NPOs) to rapidly address the pandemic and economic downturn, and make difficult choices. These forces produced stressful changes (e.g., layoffs, reduced programming, remote work, organizational restructuring).
Understanding Our Health Before the Pandemic Can Help Us Improve It Afterward
Measuring health and the social and economic factors that influenced it before the pandemic helps us understand the kind of risks the nation faced previously. It can also inform how to move forward toward recovery. 
To Make Progress, Focus On Building Trust
As our nation continues to reel from the impact of the dual crises of the COVID-19 pandemic and racial strife, we increasingly understand that trust in each other and our institutions will be essential for progress. However, data from the last several decades show a progressive erosion of trust.

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