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January, 2018 Vol. 2 - In This Issue:
It's been five years since I started Momentum Health Strategies! I just relaunched my website and encourage you to visit and see how much we've grown. 

In this process, I was reviewing some of my earlier blogs and rediscovered one of my favorites. I'm sharing it today not only because it captures my philosophy of true involvement of patients in health care, but also because the themes and the call to authenticity are still valid five years on. Just take a look at the accompanying articles from recent media. We still have much work to do and in the environment of constant change, it's imperative we keep patients at the center. Read on!

Ten Commandments Of (Authentic) Patient Engagement

I had a great conversation yesterday with a kindred spirit who is passionate about the importance of patient engagement. Not the "sound bite" version that has permeated policy and public dialogue and given rise to a new industry of apps, tools and "solutions."  Rather, I refer to the authentic, daily empowerment of patients in their health care. 
Health Care Is Super Expensive. How Can We Squeeze More Value Out of It?

To understand why a broad reimagining of the healthcare system is needed, consider this one chart below. The graphic-compiled by researchers at consulting firm BCG using World Health Organization data-shows health-adjusted life expectancy (the expected number of years a person lives illness-free) across the globe on one axis and annual per capita healthcare spending on the other. 
What We Mean When We Say Evidence-Based Medicine 

People understand different things by this term, and the arguments don't divide along predictable partisan lines, either.
In medicine, the term "evidence-based" causes more arguments than you might expect.   
What Patients Really Want to Hear (and See)
Suneel Dhand, MD gives tips on verbal and nonverbal communication.

Communication is the  cornerstone  of good healthcare. Despite all the external challenges we face with the system in which we work, those few minutes we spend with patients and their families are precious -- and are what we will be remembered for. 
Real-World Evidence: Useful in the Real World of US Payer Decision Making? How? When? And What Studies? 

To examine how real-world evidence (RWE) is currently perceived and used in managed care environments, especially to inform pharmacy and therapeutic (P&T) committee decisions, to assess which study factors (e.g., data, design, and funding source) contribute to RWE utility in decisions, and to identify barriers to consideration of RWE studies in P&T decision making.

Multi-Sector Partnerships Have The Potential To Transform Health, But Most Aren't There Yet

The Central Oregon Health Council (COHC) is a unique nonprofit organization that plays a critical role in improving the health of residents across Crook, Deschutes, and Jefferson counties. The 14-member board of directors is made up of executive-level decision makers from multiple sectors that go beyond what is typically considered health care, including behavioral health, local government, housing, education, and more.  
Apple, in Sign of Health Ambitions, Adds Medical Records Feature for iPhone

In the latest indication of Apple's growing ambitions in the digital health market, the tech giant on Wednesday unveiled a new feature that would allow users to automatically download and see parts of their medical records on their iPhones.
The feature is to become part of Apple's popular Health app. 
Passion + Quality = Change That Matters
I embrace the powerful opportunities in our evolving health care landscape. I founded Momentum Health Strategies to be a catalyst for change through continuous learning, diverse engagement and thoughtful policy and practice initiatives. I deliver innovative, strategic thinking and a passion for improving the patient experience. My personal drive and dedication to high-quality results will help you navigate the competitive terrain you face and convert your vision to action.

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