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July, 2017 Vol. 2 - In This Issue:
Disruption in healthcare is the new normal. We're witnessing fundamental shifts in  health financing, service delivery, and science that have the potential to improve care and health status. But disruption is uncomfortable, risky, unbalanced, unpredictable. No matter your perspective or your role in the conversation, let patient-centeredness and real-world outcomes be your North Star.  

Holistic care teams can finally revolutionize healthcare 
The U.S. healthcare sector is by far the world's most expensive per capita - about two times higher than the U.K., Canada, and Australia, with chronic conditions such as diabetes and heart disease accounting for more than 75 percent of spending. 

Precision Medicine: Integration May Be Closer Than You Thi
"Uptake has been phenomenally fast with one of the first widespread applications of whole-genome technology: noninvasive prenatal testing," he says. 

Why Real-World Results Are So Challenging for Digital Health

Companies should look for lessons in other industries, create products that are tailored to population subsets, develop synergistic partnerships, and understand the performance characteristics of products in the real world.

Common traits of successful high-need patient care models

High-need patients account for a disproportionate share of costs in the healthcare system, making their care an area of focus for budget-conscious providers. 

Health insurers learn spending more early on can mean savings in long run

Michael McBrayer of St. Paul needs to pay a lot attention to his health. "I give myself shots multiple times a day, as well as controlling my diet and exercise," he said.  

5 Years of Patient-Centricity 

2012 was a landmark year for greater involvement of patients in research, development, and delivery of medical products and care. 
CEOs of Ascension, Dignity, Trinity, Providence, CHI to Trump, Congress: Work with us on healthcare legislation 

The leaders of five major nonprofit health systems are calling on Congress to work with them and draft healthcare legislation that encourages improved quality of care and ensures Americans maintain their insurance coverage, according to an op-ed penned in The Hill. 

Passion + Quality = Change That Matters
I embrace the powerful opportunities in our evolving health care landscape. I founded Momentum Health Strategies to be a catalyst for change through continuous learning, diverse engagement and thoughtful policy and practice initiatives. I deliver innovative, strategic thinking and a passion for improving the patient experience. My personal drive and dedication to high-quality results will help you navigate the competitive terrain you face and convert your vision to action.

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