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In a value-focused healthcare system, transparency of cost and evidence of effectiveness is crucial to making good choices. Patients face significant challenges in both cases and traditionally rely on their clinicians and providers to help them match their unique needs and situation with best available evidence and treatment options. The elimination of a national resource for clinical guideline dissemination and ongoing finger-pointing within the pharma-PBM-payer communities are detrimental to that partnership. Fresh thinking from the FDA and others about the role of real-world evidence and the need to accelerate dissemination and transparency initiatives is promising. Who will join this bandwagon?

FDA Budget Matters: A Cross-Cutting Data Enterprise for Real World Evidence

Over time, as our experience with new medical products expands, our knowledge about how best to maximize their benefits and minimize any potential risks, sharpens with each data point we gather. Every clinical use of a product produces data that can help better inform us about its safety and efficacy.

Trump administration is shutting down practice-guidelines clearinghouse for doctors

Diagnostic and treatment guidelines aren't sexy, but they play a vital role in the practice of medicine. Physician societies, government agencies, and others issue detailed recommendations for everything from who should receive cardiac stents to which antibiotics patients should get to avoid infections after knee surgery.

Shift to value-based care could leave some patient groups behind

The healthcare industry's shift to value-based care may be leaving some patients behind.
But a task force from Families USA is offering a framework that could ensure patients of color and other underserved populations get a seat at the table in the process.
Michael Dowling: The urgency of change 
With patient demographics shifting nationwide and new technologies transforming how care is delivered, medical education has yet to receive the thorough review required to keep pace with the dramatic changes affecting our industry. 

New partnership aims to launch employer bundled payment programs 

Employers are increasingly looking for ways to improve value, quality and care coordination and reduce healthcare costs. They are banding together in groups like the National Business Group on Health, Catalyst for Payment Reform and the Pacific Business Group on Health.

Patients want better communication, care coordination, survey shows 

The findings put further weight behind the idea that providers need to focus on patient conveniences like online and same-day scheduling, and can find improved patient engagement with value-based payment models.

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