March 2021 | Volume 3
Meaningful change in health requires two fundamental elements: 1) that we recognize and build the delivery system as a team that supports patients and 2) that we recognize, and act on, the unique biology, culture, preferences and outcomes that are important to those same patients. Teamwork and equity are merely nice buzzwords unless we roll up our sleeves, dig into the uncomfortable and messy aspects of the current system, and disrupt the incentives and power centers that block our path to good health.
Trying to manage curiosity-driven science risks limiting discoveries
Ever since Arthur D. Little created the first consulting firm in 1886, management consultants have turned their attention to nearly everything from advertising to education to statecraft. They and their management principles are now insinuating themselves into the funding, management, and training of scientists. We think that threatens scientific discovery at its very core.
Embedding Health Equity as a Patient Safety, Clinical Quality Issue
For Leah Binder, president and CEO of patient safety rankings organization The Leapfrog Group, embedding health equity as part of patient safety is a no-brainer.
“This year, the issue of equity and inclusion have emerged as major national priorities, and Leapfrog is no exception,” Binder told PatientEngagementHIT in an interview.
Precision Dosing: A Clinical and Public Health Imperative
Deriving optimal dosing for patients (ie, dosing that produces the desired pharmacological effect while avoiding or minimizing toxicities) is one of the fundamental objectives of drug development and medication therapy management.
Provider Teams Outperform Solo Care for New-Onset Chronic Disease
Provider teams outperform solo providers for management of three new-onset chronic diseases, while among solo providers, care management and outcome differ little between physicians and nonphysicians, according to a report published in the March issue of Health Affairs.
Lack of diversity in genomic databases may affect therapy selection for minority groups
Low representation of minority groups in public genomic databases may affect therapy selection for Black patients with cancer, according to new Mayo Clinic research published in npj Precision Oncology.
The researchers investigated the use of genomic databases and found that tumor mutation burden was significantly inflated in Black patients compared to White patients.
Equity Metrics Should Be An Essential Component Of Hospital Rankings
In March 1966, at a press conference prior to the Second Convention of the Medical Committee for Human Rights, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., stated that “of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health is the most shocking and the most inhuman because it often results in physical death.”

Passion + Quality = Change That Matters
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