May 2021 | Volume 1
Transformation requires a new mindset, new data, new ways of analyzing opportunities and gaps, and brave transparency. The themes for change are ever-present: eliminating discrimination and disparities in our care "system," improving our collective mental health, and listening to the patient first. It’s heartening to see so many powerful organizations collaborating, but the undercurrent is also evident: it’s good business to do so. I’m an optimist, but authenticity and measurable change for the ones that count the most — the people who need care — are the badges of true and lasting transformation.
Mental Health Services Wane as Insurers Appear to Skirt Parity Rules During Pandemic
Therapists and other behavioral health care providers cut hours, reduced staffs and turned away patients during the pandemic as more Americans experienced depression symptoms and drug overdoses, according to a new report from the Government Accountability Office.
With consumers' health and privacy on the line, do mental wellness apps need more oversight?
There are thousands of digital mental health apps on the market that offer tools for stress relief, meditation guides and services to help with more serious conditions like anxiety. Most of them promise to help users feel happier and healthier.
Inside the battle over Talkspace and a grand experiment in mental health
Late last year, Reno, Nev., Mayor Hillary Schieve proposed a novel idea to try to meet the mental health needs of her community: The city would spend $1.3 million of expiring coronavirus relief funding on virtual therapy through the app Talkspace. 
Race And Ethnicity Must Be Included In Employee Health Data Analyses
As the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted, at the core of racial equity and social justice movements are health disparities along racial and ethnic lines. Health inequities can be addressed in the workplace through access to culturally sensitive programs and equitable health benefits for all employees and their families. 
Addressing Social Risk Factors In Value-Based Payment: Adjusting Payment Not Performance To Optimize Outcomes and Fairness
As payers are increasingly holding providers financially accountable for outcomes under value-based payment arrangements, there is growing concern that organizations caring for populations with greater social risk factors are unfairly penalized.
Driving Towards More Inclusive Clinical Trials By 2030: Action Without Strategy is Aimless, Strategy Without Action is Powerless
Systemic racism is the monster under our collective bed, built into our most fundamental social structures and institutions. For members of underserved communities and particularly community members of color, it impacts where we live, the quality of our education, how likely we are to encounter unethical policing, our access to voting—and, crucially, our ability to access quality health care.
In Patients We Trust: Why Clinicians Need To Believe And Respect Patients
In December 2020, Susan Moore, MD, a Black woman physician being treated for COVID-19 in an Indiana hospital, recorded a video describing her treatment by a white physician who she said refused her pleas for additional remdesivir or to treat her pain. “If I was white, I wouldn’t have to go through that,” Dr. Moore said in her video.
Patient Voices in Value-Based Cancer Care: Priorities for the Biden Administration
The Biden administration has an opportunity to prioritize patient perspectives in innovative value-based payment models for oncology by incorporating meaningful patient-reported measures (PRMs) and patient-reported performance measures (PR-PMs).

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