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Patient centricity requires more than words, more than research and more than measures to tell us whether it's happening. It requires a fundamental change in our worldview to focus on health and wellness as a primary investment of our society. It requires acceptance that the patient is the driver and owner of decisions. It requires investment in the time consuming but imperative work to prepare, equip, and support patients.

Ten Steps the Federal Government Should Take Now to Reverse the Opioid Addiction Epidemic

The United States is in the midst of the worst drug addiction epidemic in its history. Prescriptions for and deaths from opioids both quadrupled between 1995 and 2010. By 2015, an estimated 92 million individuals in the United States were prescribed an opioid and there were more than 33,000 deaths from an opioid-involved overdose. 
Death by Gun Violence-A Public Health Crisis

The shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada, that left 59 people dead, 10 times that number wounded, and thousands of people with the psychological distress from being present at the scene during and after the massacre has once again raised the issue of what we as a nation can and should do about guns.  
CMS to Ease Physician Burden, Give More Patient Time

The Trump administration wants to give doctors more time with patients by rolling back the regulatory requirements foisted on physicians over the years.
"I'd like to think of regulatory reform in terms of painting a house," said Seema Verma, administrator for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.     
Cleveland Clinic spotlights 10 disruptive medical innovations
A panel of nearly 100 Cleveland Clinic doctors and scientist selected the 10 innovations from more than 150 nominations.
Among the innovations, which are ranked according to their anticipated impact, are: implants that stimulate airway muscles to treat sleep apnea, much the way a pacemaker regulates the heart; gene therapy for inherited retinal diseases; new drug combinations that reduce LDL "bad" cholesterol by up to 75%; remote monitoring devices that extend healthcare into the patient's home; and next-generation vaccine platforms that support rapid development and delivery of vaccines.

Patients urged FDA panel to recommend gene therapy

Patient input was central to an FDA advisory panel's decision to recommend approval of Spark Therapeutics' gene therapy Luxturna to treat retinal dystrophy associated with a genetic mutation. "FDA is really going the route of listening to individuals," said Stephen Rose with the Foundation Fighting Blindness.  
Policy Experts Debate Pros and Cons of State Medicaid Waivers  

One challenge for anyone trying to predict the impact of recent Medicaid waivers is the lack of published findings around recent demonstration projects, argued a healthcare policy expert and panelist at a conference here Monday.  
Shared Decision-Making Needs a Bigger Push, Expert Says   

Health systems need to do a better job of defining shared decision-making and getting doctors to use it, Harlan Krumholz, MD, of Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut, said Wednesday at the annual meeting of the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute.  
Innovative Treatment Options for Underserved, Hard-to-Reach Populations

In December 2013, a participant in a study I was conducting arrived for what would be her 11th group therapy session for her substance abuse. She looked different this time: she was wearing lipstick, and she had braids and colorful barrettes in her hair.
The woman explained that earlier in the week, she'd gone out to buy beer. But on the way, something clicked.
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