November 2020 | Volume 2
Especially this week, remember to be thankful for good health and for the front-line health care workers who are bravely caring for those who are sick. We have many challenges to overcome yet, most especially the fraying of the public’s trust in science and in expert sources of information that can keep us healthy. The innovation and dismantling of traditional silos in care emerging from 2020 holds possibility, if we can collectively move past short-term, win-lose policy and action. I’m grateful for fresh thinking and the promise of a new start in 2021.
When False Information Goes Viral, COVID-19 Patient Groups Fight Back
For decades, people struggling with illnesses of all kinds have sought help in online support groups. This year, such groups have been in high demand for COVID-19 patients, who often must recover in isolation.
Many Employers Avoid Coronavirus Tests Over Cost, Not Availability
A surge of Covid-19 cases this fall has brought reports of new challenges in getting coronavirus tests. But for employers, testing availability and turnaround times do not appear to be the main obstacles.
Insurers, labs point fingers over COVID-19 test coverage, prices
The Families First Coronavirus Response Act and the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act both included provisions ensuring that people can receive COVID-19 tests without out-of-pocket costs. However, ACLA says "murky" regulatory guidance issued in June by HHS, Labor and Treasury is driving coverage denials and high costs.
Ensuring Equitable Access To COVID-19 Vaccines In The US: Current System Challenges And Opportunities
There has been a worldwide effort to accelerate the development of safe and effective severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus-2 (SARS-CoV-2) vaccines. When vaccines become licensed and available broadly to the public, the final hurdle is equitable distribution and access for all who are recommended for vaccination.
Consideration Of Value-Based Pricing For Treatments And Vaccines Is Important, Even In The COVID-19 Pandemic
Prices send signals about consumer preferences and thus stimulate producers to make more of what people want. Pricing in a pandemic is complicated and fraught. The policy puzzle involves balancing lower prices to ensure access to essential medications, vaccines, and tests, and adequate revenue streams to provide manufacturers incentives to make the substantial, risky investments needed to develop products in the first place. 
Mental health startup Headway nabs $26M backed by Google Ventures, Thrive Capital
There is growing demand for mental health care in the U.S., but many people fail to find care because they can't afford to pay for services out of pocket.
Andrew Adams faced these barriers five years ago after he moved to New York City and tried to find a therapist.

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