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October, 2017 Vol. 2 - In This Issue:
I attended a 25th anniversary celebration for the Alliance for Health Policy recently and was inspired by the experience and commitment to bipartisan solutions represented by a Who's Who of health care policy. Leading change requires more than just knowledge and position of influence. It requires unwavering empathy for the experience and the struggle of the least in our society. It requires a gold-standard of commitment to quality and ethical practice by care givers, researchers, clinicians, and innovators who seek to improve the options for care.  Leadership requires focus on solutions that work in real-world settings, with real patients, with real outcomes that are clinical and economic.  I shared time with many of these leaders. They are prepared to listen to and amplify the voice of the patient. Their success is vital to our future.

The Critical Skills for Leading Major Change in America's Health System

At a time of profound volatility in the U.S. health system, change management is an essential skill for public and private leaders alike. For these leaders - and young people aspiring to careers as health care managers - one very practical question emerges: What are the critical skills for leading major change in our health system?  
A health care solution to rival single payer

The current conversation regarding health care reform in the U.S. is essentially pointless. It can be boiled down into four statements: Obamacare stinks, so we need to get rid of it; Obamacare doesn't stink, so we just need to improve upon it; the insurance companies are to blame, so a government single-payer system is the best idea; the government is to blame, and only the free market can fix health care.  
A spin-out from Google parent company Alphabet aims to help low-income Americans get better health care

Sidewalk Labs, the mysterious urban innovation group of Google parent company Alphabet, has spun out a start-up with ambitious plans to rethink health care.
The startup, known as Cityblock and known internally at Sidewalk as "CareLab," is focusing on low-income communities with serious health problems.   
In a new pharmacy initiative, Sutter Health reimagines its approach to real-time analytics
When executives at Sutter Health were searching for ways to integrate artificial intelligence into their system, they were less concerned with the technical specs and more interested in how analytic capabilities can drive improvement. 

School-Based Health Clinics: Critical Access Points For Confronting The Addiction Epidemic
It is undoubtedly a critical time in this country to address the complexities of how to effectively prevent, treat, and help people recover from substance use disorders. As many parts of the country struggle to reduce the impact of the current opioid epidemic and help people rebuild their lives, others are contending with the new reality of cannabis legalization and the possible implications for youth.  
Mobile Clinics Assume Greater Role in Preventive Care

One afternoon last month, the Family Van stopped at the corner of Washington and Roxbury streets in Boston. The regulars had already formed a line, waiting in the lingering summer heat for the red and green RV to arrive.  The Family Van, which is funded in part by Harvard Medical School, provides free blood pressure tests, HIV counseling and basic medical care to underserved neighborhoods across Boston.  
Integrated Health Model Initiative (IHMI)

A collaborative effort across health care and technology stakeholders that will unleash a new era of better, more effective patient care.
Passion + Quality = Change That Matters
I embrace the powerful opportunities in our evolving health care landscape. I founded Momentum Health Strategies to be a catalyst for change through continuous learning, diverse engagement and thoughtful policy and practice initiatives. I deliver innovative, strategic thinking and a passion for improving the patient experience. My personal drive and dedication to high-quality results will help you navigate the competitive terrain you face and convert your vision to action.

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