October, 2018, Vol. 2 - In This Issue:
There are many good reads in this edition, but the articles on medical touch, the inflexibility of clinical research to incorporate learning from non-average patients and the experiences of real patients really stayed with me. Research and innovations are changing health care. And yet, our ability to achieve and sustain humanity and care that is relevant to the individual is what will truly make a difference.

1,495 Americans Describe the Financial Reality of Being Really Sick

"Do you pay the hospital bill or do you pay the utility bill?" Don't count on your health insurance for serious illnesses, a new survey warns. The whole point of health insurance is protection from financial ruin in case of catastrophic, costly health problems. But a recent survey of people facing such problems shows that it often fails in that basic function.

Implementation of medical treatment regimens demands a lot of time and effort and can result in substantial burden for patients with chronic conditions. Guideline recommendations, however, are traditionally made from a perspective that places the highest value on achieving certain clinical outcomes (such as reducing shortness of breath or increasing survival). 

A new era for drug pricing: the 'accountable choice'

Can we trust people to make good decisions about their own health? As a society, we are of two minds on this matter. The fundamental institutional structures of the health care system presume that patients are uninformed and unengaged and must be protected from their own irrational decisions.

Held Hostage by Health Insurance

Every career choice I made was determined by my epilepsy. If the Affordable Care Act is killed, I'll be back in the same trap. Health insurance rules my life. It decides my jobs, my aspirations, my retirement plans and, potentially, my citizenship.

A widely used guideline said I didn't need a mammogram. It was wrong

Are my breast cancer and I on the wrong side of statistics, or just caught in the confusing and potentially devastating conflict between medical societies about when women should start breast-cancer screening?

I'm Drowning:  A researcher-patient's plea for broader inclusion in cystic fibrosis trials

I've always known cystic fibrosis (CF) is a progressive disease; it destroys lung cells, tightens the small airways in the bottom of my chest, and each day takes me closer to the time when it will have ravaged my lungs. I had never really questioned if there was some way this process could be altered. I accepted that it couldn't.

Are bundled payments ready for liftoff?

If you've been tracking healthcare payment during the past several years, you know the industry has made tremendous progress in the proportion of payments tied to value. While there are mixed results on the effectiveness of these alternative payment arrangements (and still the need for further evaluation of which payment methods are most effective in what context), one model that shows promise is still facing barriers to lift off.

The Importance of Medical Touch

It started, as it does for thousands of women every year, with a routine mammogram, and its routine process of having my breasts - like a lump of dough - manipulated by another woman's hands and placed, albeit gently, into tight compression. It's never comfortable, but you get used to it because you have to.

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