September, 2022
We hope you had a restful Labor Day weekend.
The rainy days of Labor Day provided me the opportunity to stay inside, try some new kitchen creations for my family, visit with my college kids who were home for the weekend, and best of all...the afternoon naps with El Choco!

Whether the weekend proved to be relaxing or taxing, this is your reminder to breathe, right here, right now.

Give yourself 30 seconds to draw 3 or 4 deep breaths and reflect upon your Labor Day weekend and your week so far. What do you love when you are at home? What do you love when you are at work? What might be draining your energy in either place and how can you dial that back?

Read on for some Momentum inspiration and resources that will help.

Onwards and upwards,
April Benetollo, CEO
Momentum Leaders
Live in Your Strengths
Our strengths are the qualities that energize us and enable us to perform at our best. By getting the balance right between developing your strengths and reducing performance risks, you will achieve higher levels of:
  • Resilience
  • Confidence
  • Engagement
  • Success
Source: Strengthscope

How to live in strength from the Momentum blog
We Need You.

Bham Now recently published an awesome article on Momentum's free Mentor Matching program. As a result, our demand for mentors shot up 400 percent!

We need mentors to volunteer. If you have experience and know-how to share, you could be the right match for one of these requests.

Take a moment to fill out our mentor form. Our Mentor Coordinator will be in touch to explore potential matches, and offer resources/guidance for every step along the way!

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Other News + Resources
Tackle the Elephant in the Room: Uncomfortable Conversations
Oct. 5, 11-12 CST
Dr. Kristin Powell works with professionals who are seeking to define and develop their unique leadership styles. In this webinar, she will outline three steps that leaders can take now to create a culture where difficult conversations aren’t so hard.
Leading with Charisma, Ulrike Seminati
Ulrike Seminati is a global leadership and communication coach. Building on her experience as C-level executive, Ulrike combines her knowledge of how to succeed in the corporate world with powerful self-development techniques to help women lead with charisma and authenticity.
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