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Business or Entertainment?

"Are you there to do business or are you there to entertain?"

Another gem from Hit the Mitts this week, specifically said by Peter Mora one of the OG 72 Sold agents who consistently drops knowledge bombs that make me think and re-examine. 

TBH, this was a great reminder for me and many of my Phoenix team members that have been going on appointments for years now. When you go on appointment after appointment sometimes you take for granted the opportunity in front of you. Think about it - you PAID to be there. You paid for the referral, you are spending your valuable time there, you took time to prep, you are away from your family and kin. You have likely just ONE SHOT to get this deal - and if successful this appointment will translate into thousands of dollars and potential additional future commissions for you.

But are you treating it like that? Many of us with repeat and referral based businesses consider an appointment a “success” even if we didn’t leave with a signed listing agreement. I think this mentality leads many of us to be too casual with our appointments. When you think “good rapport” is the mark of a good appointment and an “I’ll think about it” is a favorable response, you are avoiding the reality of what it is to work these kind of referrals. 

Please understand our potential sellers have enough friends and a Netflix subscription if they want some evening entertainment. They are reaching out for a potential business opportunity and it’s your job to show them that they want to do business with you. Doing business with you is signified with a signature - anything less than that should be viewed as a miss on your part. You didn’t show up at their house to walk them through a presentation for applause, you showed up to sign an agreement and create a Game Plan outlining the nature of the business relationship you’re to have with them. If you’re not careful you can mistake someone being polite or nice for success… and it simply isn’t.

So, how does a person who’s there to do business show up? Apart from the obvious basics like being on time and looking the part there’s more to it.

  1. You are directive - not to be confused with bossy or rude but you tell them what areas of the home you’d like to see, you ask specific questions designed to help you fully understand the product you’ll be selling (meticulosity walkthrough anyone?), you make it clear that you need all decision makers to participate in the program overview. An air of authority goes a long way, especially when it’s still kind and funny at the same time. 
  2. You are the expert - speak with confidence, demonstrate mastery of data (that means you’ll need to know the data forward and back), present with authority (no ummmss and ahsss or fumbling with a bunch of paper), enthusiastically teach them why and how the strategy works. You know something *truly* if you can teach it. You know you’ve taught it well when the seller cannot wait to get started. You know they don’t understand something when they push back on things like pricing or no signs/open houses and that’s your cue to teach it to them again until they understand. If you get flustered or defensive with their objections, it means you have some insecurity and need to continue to work on mastery.
  3. Ask for the sale - you did not show up to this GD appointment for your health! You are there to do business and you need to get confident point-blank asking for them to commit in writing to you. If you don’t do this you’ve wasted your time - and theirs to be honest. Don’t be afraid to ask. If they say no then handle their objections. It’s ok for you to not take no for an answer through skillful management of objections. It is your obligation to know why they are saying no and your bank account will thank you for overcoming those objections. Don’t know how to handle objections or feel nervous about it? HIT THE MITTS FOR GOODNESS SAKES. All we do is practice this and talk through this - you have the tools available and a BUSINESS PERSON uses the tools they have to get more business… funny how that works eh?

If you have been on 2 or more appointments and haven’t signed at least 1 listing then I bet you there’s work to be done in one of the above areas. My expectation is that you guys list at least 50% of your appointments bare minimum - although our best agents in Phoenix sign 80%+ at the appointment - as you get more reps you can do that too. The first step though is that shift in your thinking about the nature of the appointment (to do business PERIOD) and what success looks like (an *in writing* commitment to do business together) is non negotiable for you to increase your success at the appointment. 

I doubt any of you are doing this solely for the fun of it - it’s your business, your livelihood, time to bring that intensity to each and every appointment. As Eminem says “You only get one shot do not miss this chance… this opportunity comes once in a lifetime” and I wouldn't be me if I didn't quote a rapper every once in a while to drive my point home.

Love yous guys,


PS: If you guys don't update your HUB statuses so help me...

Monie's Journal

Looking Back

Hit the Mitts Rewatch

Are you brave enough to ask "is it the program or is me?" when a seller doesn't hire you? Listen to this HtM for how this question will help you list more homes as well as some great practice on truly stubborn seller scenarios.

Gregg's Simply Magnetic

Need an idea to stay *stuck* on a seller's mind? The ole fridge magnet is solid! Gregg V designed some and shared them with us because he's the coolest ever. Take a look at these awesome designs. Feel free to adapt them for your use (Gregg's cool with it, if you do though send him a coffee giftcard or something!) If I'm you, I'm putting these in with a handwritten note for my past appointments or unresponsive leads so that when they get ready I'm top of mind... and fridge.

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Appointment Setting Secrets

If you're having issues with converting referrals to appointments, this Zoom is a must watch! Learn the appointment setting sequence the corporate callers and virtual assistance use to convert at the highest level.

Team Stats

I am extremely proud to report that we have listed 87 homes as of me writing this on Saturday April 8th. Congratulations team. What a huge jump in one week.

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Hit the Mitts Roleplay


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Tuesdays with Monie


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Hungry for More Referrals?

Your girl (me) gets lists of unassigned seller referrals weekly that I'm able to distribute at my discretion. These do not count towards your paid referrals. I have a BUNCH right now. I'll be offering these on a first come first served basis to anyone who attends any of my Zooms this week. If you don't attend, you're not eligible. Be sure your Hub statuses are updated and notes up to date prior to requesting.

Bad*ss Team Member Alert!

This week I want to feature Dulce Alfaro. If I could clone Dulce I would. She joined 72 SOLD and my Phoenix team and told me she would be absolutely committed to getting up and running as soon as possible. Many people say that until they realize the intensity of the training and how hard I work my agents when it comes to being selling machines. Well guys she’s delivered. 3 for 3 on her listing appointments her first week solo. Incredible job which is 100% a result of incredible hard work. Congratulations on being such a badass Dulce! You make all of us better!

Hit the Mitts

This week we will practice conversion questions... don't know what these are? Good, see you at Hit the Mitts!

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Tuesdays With Monie

Shifting your presentation from you to the program and how this immediately improves your position in a competitive marketplace. We also will talk through your challenges with a troubleshooting session.

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New Statuses in the HUB

Yeehaw, we have more statuses. This will help you account for more scenarios with your referrals and hopefully improve the quality of your reporting. I need your help making sure:

  1. No lead stays in NEW status longer than 24 hours
  2. ALL appointments set include the date and time
  3. After the appointment within 24 hours you update the status again and add notes.
  4. If you list a property in the Notes add - price or range pricing, timeframe of the listing agreement, proposed go active date


Status Cheatsheet:

New - means not contacted yet. You should have no lead in New status for more than an hour.

Appointment Set - means you have a future appointment. This status should change immediately after the appointment is completed.

Follow Up or Agent Working Lead - means you need to follow up with the lead either to set the appointment. AWL in general, indicates longer term nurture needed.

Listed - this means YOU listed it, not someone else.

Appt done - Follow Up - You had the appointment. They didn't list with you. You will follow up with them in some respect to pursue the listing.

Attempted to Contact - Referral hasn't set the appointment yet despite you contacting them.

Cancelled Appointment - The Referral cancelled the appointment prior to it occurring. This is not to be used if you at all meet with the referral.

Do Not Contact - this is the explicit STOP message, if you didn't get a STOP then it's not DNC and should be changed to Follow Up or Agent Working Lead. This status isn't to be used for already listed homes, people who thought we are cash buyers, etc as they are still potential listings.

Closed - means you listed it and closed it.

Closed with Another Agent - the referral closed with another agent. Not just listed or pending, closed.

Nurture - a referral you met with or not that you feel requires longer term nurturing.

Referred Out - You referred the referral to another 72 SOLD agent.

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72 SOLD Objection Wiki

Because we win through collaboration we now have a 72 SOLD objection wiki. This is so cool and thanks to Colleen Tabatneck for sharing her notes to work from. I just created the framework for the "wiki" as a shared Google doc, I haven't added anything to Colleen's notes yet. The idea here is all of us collaborate and add to this. Please save this link for your future reference and questions.

The 72 SOLD Objection Wiki is only to be accessed by those enrolled in my 72 Sold National Coaching group.

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