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A Late Blooming Serena Williams

I started tennis lessons two weeks ago. This is something I have wanted to do since... well... forever. When I was little, tennis was something I wanted to do but I never played (apart from messing around at the park here and there but never like "played").

Growing up, putting myself out there was out of the question especially anything that revolved around sports. Overweight, awkward, and un-athletic (so I was told) I stuck to my Archie comics and Star Trek TNG in my room. But I always wished to be like the confident, commanding, tennis athletes I saw on TV and even at school. In my mind the guts it takes to step onto a court, just you, a racquet and all eyes on you was a bridge way too far for me.

Here I am years... decades later... I crossed the bridge...and it was scary. Still.

As an adult I now know I'm decently athletic -no longer the running joke of un-athleticism in my family - still scary.

I am fit now, it's not like I am keeling over from the drills or throwing up the minute my heart rate would become slightly elevated like I would have as a kid - still scary.

And I'm surrounded by adults now, not potentially mean kids who mercilessly would tease me for my chubbiness or my glasses or my poor-fitting clothes or love of aforementioned Star Trek - still scary.

It was scary because even though I have grown up, that same story about why I can't or shouldn't do it is tucked in there, never confronted. The story's impact has limited so many aspects of my life - aspects that have NOTHING to do with tennis. If I am being honest, this story about me and tennis that started when I was in elementary school grew chapter upon chapter and caused me to sit out so many things I wanted to try but never did. Isn't that wild to think about? How many things in our lives that we accept as truth that limit instead of grow us?

I am sure at this point you get that this isn't about tennis.

The drive to take the damn lessons, step onto the court in front of everyone and try something new while terrified after 30 years wasn't some burning desire to be a late-blooming Serena Williams. God knows I am far too busy selling homes and coaching agents to ever have that kind of time (better believe lack of time is the ONLY reason lol). In all seriousness what got me on the court was curiosity about the possibility of trying on a new belief about me - if the former belief is incredibly limiting, the opposite would have to remove those limiters... right? So, what if I tried out a new story where despite it being scary I did it anyways? What if I decided I could be bad at something and still have fun doing it because me sucking at something doesn't mean I am a horrible person that should only feel shame not joy. What if I treated and talked to myself with the same kind of compassion I do my children delighting in the experience of them over the outcome they create?

Rewriting the story - that's why I started tennis 30 years later. Each swing of the racquet is my track-changes, my edit, a whole page torn out all the way back to those original chapters that didn't do me justice then and don't do me justice now.

Because all it takes is one new storyline, maybe a plot twist, to change everything for all of us.

Thanks for reading,


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Check out last week's HtMs sessions to learn valuable strategies around both defending each step of our 7 Step Showing process, & persuading a buyer's agent to send a better offer before you present it to the seller.

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Tuesdays with Monie


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Tenants in place, family members have to agree, virtual walkthroughs... OH MY! These are definitely tough ones for all of us so next week be sure to join us while we get our practice in!

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Tuesdays With Monie

The 10 steps to higher prices are the cornerstone of how a great 72 SOLD agent should strategically set up a listing. This week we will talk through them in depth so you're not just listing homes, you're actually selling them.

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Stick in their Minds

Here is the art for the leave behind sticky notes we've developed for my Phoenix team. If you arrive and the seller missed their appointment you can leave this on the door and follow up via call or text. Also, you could use to door knock your unresponsive leads without actually knocking - see if you get some hands raised.

Feel free to use! What's mine is yours

Appointment Setting Secrets

If you're having issues with converting referrals to appointments, this Zoom is a must watch! Learn the appointment setting sequence the corporate callers and virtual assistance use to convert at the highest level.

"Wake the Ded" Idea of the Week

This week I want you to revisit those leads you classified as Do Not Contact. Unless these leads explicitly told you Do Not Contact or Remove Me, please put them to FOLLOW UP status and get brave and reach out again. What should you say? Depends on the status of the property and your interactions. Remember the purpose of your outreach is simply to set the appointment so whatever you say or do, it should be to do that and only that. Still not sure what to say? Hit the team chats for help.

72 SOLD Objection Wiki

Because we win through collaboration we now have a 72 SOLD objection wiki. As you practice and get success with objections, login to the wiki and update for the team. Let's grow our knowledge based together!

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Hub Statuses and Requirements

  1. No lead stays in NEW status longer than 24 hours
  2. ALL appointments set include the date and time
  3. After the appointment within 24 hours you update the status again and add notes.
  4. If you list a property in the Notes add - price or range pricing, timeframe of the listing agreement, proposed go active date


Status Cheatsheet:

New - means not contacted yet. You should have no lead in New status for more than an hour.

Appointment Set - means you have a future appointment. This status should change immediately after the appointment is completed.

Follow Up or Agent Working Lead - means you need to follow up with the lead either to set the appointment. AWL in general, indicates longer term nurture needed.

Listed - this means YOU listed it, not someone else.

Appt done - Follow Up - You had the appointment. They didn't list with you. You will follow up with them in some respect to pursue the listing.

Attempted to Contact - Referral hasn't set the appointment yet despite you contacting them.

Cancelled Appointment - The Referral cancelled the appointment prior to it occurring. This is not to be used if you at all meet with the referral.

Do Not Contact - this is the explicit STOP message, if you didn't get a STOP then it's not DNC and should be changed to Follow Up or Agent Working Lead. This status isn't to be used for already listed homes, people who thought we are cash buyers, etc as they are still potential listings.

Closed - means you listed it and closed it.

Closed with Another Agent - the referral closed with another agent. Not just listed or pending, closed.

Nurture - a referral you met with or not that you feel requires longer term nurturing.

Referred Out - You referred the referral to another 72 SOLD agent.

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Let’s pool and document our regional successes to share with our leads. I created this Google doc for us to use for this purpose with the info needed to be more useful.

Please start adding your results so we can grow our success together. 

Bad*ss Team Member Alert!

Bradley Barnett - Brad has been handling a ton on his own over the last couple of months but hasn't let being overwhelmed stop him from committing to the program. Recently he and his listing partner have committed to Hit the Mitts and with that they are converting better than before and will be having their first closing soon enough. So proud of Brad's mindset and commitment to being the best he can be despite the odds stacked against him - if that isn't bad*ass I don't know what is! 

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To claim your pin, fill out the form below. Please note a pin won't be sent unless your Hub is updated with the correct status and complete notes about the listed property.

PS: it is my opinion a pin should be earned not bought... amirightoramiright?

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And just like that some of you have closed 72 SOLD referrals. Here's how you pay your referral fee to us. Save this document for future reference.

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