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The Be - Do - Have

Daily Framework

This week I was featured on the National Team Call presenting the daily framework I use around Be - Do - Have that has absolutely changed my life. I have been familiar with the idea of Be - Do - Have for many years but not until I had a reason to level myself up (correlated with becoming a part of 72 SOLD two years ago) did I create a daily practice that I can attribute to massive personal growth.

You can watch the call if you'd like - it's in your 72 National Portal, the March 20th call.

I set up a template for those interested in trying out my practice and included what I hope are prompts that help you get started. Remember consistency is key and it WILL be effortful for you to do this every working day at first. I notice if for some reason I don't do this at the start of my day now, I feel burnt out and like I didn't accomplish what I wanted to by end of day.

Your goal is to commit to this for 4 weeks M-F (or whatever days you work) to establish it as a habit... I promise by the end of the 4 weeks you'll have measurable progress in whatever areas you're focusing on.

I hope this is useful to you, it is my greatest hope to help you not just sell a ton of real estate but feel joyful and fulfilled while doing so.

As always, love you guys! Let's be great in our upcoming week!


Download the Template

Looking Back

Hit the Mitts Rewatch

If you were put on the spot could you deliver an elevator speech good enough to get in the door? Listen to your teammates practice in this Hit the Mitts Rewatch.

Tuesdays with Monie Rewatch

Want to hear a REALLY great strategy on expired and cancels outreach? Then this week's Tuesdays with Monie is worth the rewatch!

Monie's Expired Letter

You asked so I got to writing! Here is an example expired/cancel letter you can send to leads. Feel free to edit and grab snippets for other uses. Don't forget there are a ton of great letters in your national portal as well. And none of these resources matter if you don't USE them!

View it Here

Pay 72 SOLD at Closing

And just like that some of you have closed 72 SOLD referrals. Here's how you pay your referral fee to us. Save this document for future reference.

Show Me the $

Work Your SOI

Want to share 72 SOLD with your SOI but worry they'll go to the company website as a new lead?

We have a solution for you. Send them to for general information about the program and have them contact your directly for their price.

Check It Out

Pin Me Baby... One More Time

Did you know you earn an official 72 SOLD pin when you sign your first 72 SOLD referral? It's true - it's the official earned honor of 72 SOLD agents on my teams.

To claim your pin, fill out the form below. Please note a pin won't be sent unless your Hub is updated with the correct status and complete notes about the listed property.

PS: it is my opinion a pin should be earned not bought... amirightoramiright?

Get Your Pin

Looking Forward

Hit the Mitts Roleplay


1pm EST

Tuesdays with Monie


1pm EST

National Team Call


12pm EST

Hit the Mitts

You have a great appointment with a seller and then they ask "So how many 72 SOLD listings have you sold?" and you feel the blood leave your face. Let's practice how to handle this and similar objections in next week's HtM.

Hit the Mitts is only offered to those enrolled in my 72 Sold National Coaching group.

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Tuesdays With Monie

Ya got nothing without an appointment. Let's brainstorm creative ways to deal with all different types of challenges with getting in the door.

Bring your ideas and challenges and be prepared to participate

Tuesdays with Monie is only offered to those enrolled in my 72 Sold National Coaching group.

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HUB Reporting Crackdown

The crackdown from corporate continues on Hub management. I need your help making sure:

  1. No lead stays in NEW status longer than 24 hours
  2. ALL appointments set include the date and time
  3. After the appointment within 24 hours you update the status again and add notes.
  4. If you list a property in the Notes add - price or range pricing, timeframe of the listing agreement, proposed go active date


Status Cheatsheet:

New - means not contacted yet. You should have no lead in New status for more than an hour.

Appointment Set - means you have a future appointment. This status should change immediately after the appointment is completed.

Follow Up and Agent Working Lead - means you need to follow up with the lead either to set the appointment or after the appointment. AWL in general, indicates longer term nurture needed.

Listed - this means YOU listed it, not someone else.

Do Not Contact - this is the explicit STOP message, if you didn't get a STOP then it's not DNC and should be changed to Follow Up or Agent Working Lead. This status isn't to be used for already listed homes, people who thought we are cash buyers, etc as they are still potential listings until they fully show closed in the MLS.

Closed - means you listed it and closed it.

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72 SOLD Objection Wiki

Because we win through collaboration we now have a 72 SOLD objection wiki. This is so cool and thanks to Colleen Tabatneck for sharing her notes to work from. I just created the framework for the "wiki" as a shared Google doc, I haven't added anything to Colleen's notes yet. The idea here is all of us collaborate and add to this. Please save this link for your future reference and questions.

The 72 SOLD Objection Wiki is only to be accessed by those enrolled in my 72 Sold National Coaching group.

Visit the Objection Wiki

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Don't forget our team's chat is available for quick coaching for those who bought/working 72 SOLD referrals seats.

These FB and What's App offerings are only to be accessed by those enrolled in my 72 Sold National Coaching group.

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