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5 Ways to Own the Walkthrough

As we are seeing week after week, all the training in the world doesn't quite prepare you for the little nuances of the appointment. Thankfully my team and I have been there, done hundreds and can share what we've learned.

Very quickly I realized how important it is to establish a "vibe" when starting the appointment. I developed a routine right before walking in and a few key things I do in the walkthrough to make sure the energy is best set up for a successful appointment. Here are 5 things I do every time - as always, what's mine is yours!

  1. Hype Song - while driving to the appointment I'll spend the first few minutes of the drive rehearsing certain objections in my mind and how I would respond but then... I put on my hype songs. These songs are the songs that raise my energy, get me excited, smiling, joyful. These are the songs you sing out loud full voice in the shower - no matter what they are. Use them to hype yourself, your confidence, your energy... you entering your appointment in this state will impact the emotional state of the appointment because energy is contagious.
  2. Affirmation - Prior to knocking on the door, I state an affirmation to myself. This changes frequently but it is always centered around these kinds of things "I am providing this seller an opportunity to receive the best strategy and service for their needs... my solution works for any situation and I am damn good at collaborating to solve problems." This solidifies my motivation, my mindset, and my higher desire for the people I serve.
  3. Take Up Space - I'm 5'2 about 125lbs, a small person who looks 16 years old. This means I need to make myself energetically big and more mature when I deal with most people - especially men. When I begin the appointment, I make a point to start with a very firm handshake and I move my body immediately and confidently into the home as I'm presenting my gift. I've noticed that when I do this it seems to break the energetic ice. The seller isn't awkwardly trying to figure out how to accommodate me, wondering how much experience I have, I am already moving with authority, and my small size and kid-like looking face are no longer top of mind.
  4. Direct the Show- In the walkthrough I like to specify the rooms I want to see first and am sure to ask specific questions and purposefully probe for more info. This is a lot different than passively following for a home tour. By directing in this way I am communicating experience and mastery, the questions are designed to understand how the seller thinks about the quality of their home, and by taking control I have better leverage at the kitchen table. By the time we get there, the energetic message is "she knows exactly what she's doing."
  5. Strategic Connections - This is how you build rapport while not becoming too familiar which is an important skill especially later in the deal if you encounter issues. Find things to connect on to get the seller talking more and feeling heard. Your goal is to offer just enough to get that "they are funny, they are great, we have that in common, I like them" but not too much where you find yourself oversharing, potentially harming your professionalism. You want to maintain just enough mystery to be interesting but warm enough to make them feel comfortable. If you're a people person, this may be tough because your instinct is to "make friends" with them quickly - but I caution you - many would never hire their friends for a professional service nor would they ever choose to be friends with the professionals they trust the most.

Hopefully these 5 little tips give you the edge you need to tip the scales even more in your favor during your appointments!

Love you guys, proud of you!


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Hit the Mitts Rewatch - 5/04/2023

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This week we talked about maximizing not just the 72 SOLD referrals but every connection you have to build a steady stream of business.

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This week we will freestyle objections based on what I'm seeing you guys trip up on. Come on in baby, the water's fine!

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This week we will continue to deepen our skills around the program together. These powerful discussions are growing in quality and actionable takeaways. Can't wait to see you there and hear your thoughts and ideas.

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Stick in their Minds

Here is the art for the leave behind sticky notes we've developed for my Phoenix team. If you arrive and the seller missed their appointment you can leave this on the door and follow up via call or text. Also, you could use to door knock your unresponsive leads without actually knocking - see if you get some hands raised.

Feel free to use! What's mine is yours

Appointment Setting Secrets

If you're having issues with converting referrals to appointments, this Zoom is a must watch! Learn the appointment setting sequence the corporate callers and virtual assistance use to convert at the highest level.

"Wake the Ded" Idea of the Week

Every week I'll share the best engagement ideas we heard to revive "ded" referrals. Try them out, there's fortune in follow up.

This week: Send a 1 minute video explaining the first step in the 10 steps to higher prices... Want an example? Check out Eric's phenomenal video!

Follow every week with another of the 10 steps for an easy 10 week touch process.

72 SOLD Objection Wiki

Because we win through collaboration we now have a 72 SOLD objection wiki. As you practice and get success with objections, login to the wiki and update for the team. Let's grow our knowledge based together!

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Hub Statuses and Requirements

Yeehaw, we have more statuses. This will help you account for more scenarios with your referrals and hopefully improve the quality of your reporting. I need your help making sure:

  1. No lead stays in NEW status longer than 24 hours
  2. ALL appointments set include the date and time
  3. After the appointment within 24 hours you update the status again and add notes.
  4. If you list a property in the Notes add - price or range pricing, timeframe of the listing agreement, proposed go active date


Status Cheatsheet:

New - means not contacted yet. You should have no lead in New status for more than an hour.

Appointment Set - means you have a future appointment. This status should change immediately after the appointment is completed.

Follow Up or Agent Working Lead - means you need to follow up with the lead either to set the appointment. AWL in general, indicates longer term nurture needed.

Listed - this means YOU listed it, not someone else.

Appt done - Follow Up - You had the appointment. They didn't list with you. You will follow up with them in some respect to pursue the listing.

Attempted to Contact - Referral hasn't set the appointment yet despite you contacting them.

Cancelled Appointment - The Referral cancelled the appointment prior to it occurring. This is not to be used if you at all meet with the referral.

Do Not Contact - this is the explicit STOP message, if you didn't get a STOP then it's not DNC and should be changed to Follow Up or Agent Working Lead. This status isn't to be used for already listed homes, people who thought we are cash buyers, etc as they are still potential listings.

Closed - means you listed it and closed it.

Closed with Another Agent - the referral closed with another agent. Not just listed or pending, closed.

Nurture - a referral you met with or not that you feel requires longer term nurturing.

Referred Out - You referred the referral to another 72 SOLD agent.

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Bad*ss Team Member Alert!

This week we are recognizing Jeniffer Castro, one of my Phoenix agents. Jen is sincerely one of the hardest workers on my team and is converting like crazy. She has a "bring it" attitude with any lead or challenge thrown her way. Her badassery abounds, seriously! Proud of you Jen!

Pin Me Baby... One More Time

Did you know you earn an official 72 SOLD pin when you sign your first 72 SOLD referral? It's true - it's the official earned honor of 72 SOLD agents on my teams.

To claim your pin, fill out the form below. Please note a pin won't be sent unless your Hub is updated with the correct status and complete notes about the listed property.

PS: it is my opinion a pin should be earned not bought... amirightoramiright?

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We have a dedicated FB group for my territories/teams. Hop in by searching the group name to share referrals, ideas, and network.

Don't forget our team's chat is available for quick coaching for those who bought/working 72 SOLD referrals seats.

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Pay 72 SOLD at Closing

And just like that some of you have closed 72 SOLD referrals. Here's how you pay your referral fee to us. Save this document for future reference.

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