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My First 60 Days

I am very excited about moving our region to the exclusive territory/ZIP code model. It will be a change in dynamic in many ways, empowering for all of us moving forward, and most importantly, more profitable. I wanted to share what I'm doing in my ZIP codes in Phoenix to help you dream up a basic 60 day vision for your ZIPs.

1. Introductory Letter - I sent out an intro letter to all of my ZIP codes. I have two distinct parts of Phoenix so I created two different letters. I've attached them for you to view. I got these sent the first two weeks of owning the ZIPs. So far, I've set two appointments off of these letters and listed one.

North Central Letter

North Central Intro Letter Personal

Goodyear Letter

Goodyear Intro Letter

2. Expired and Canceled Daily Texts - Set up a process to text the expireds and cancels in my ZIPS every morning. That text says this: 

Hi, I'm Your Name reaching out from your neighborhood's 72 SOLD Team. We believe your home qualifies for our 8 day no obligation program. If you'd like to see the 72 SOLD HIGHER price on your home, reply back with your address.

-sent by Your Name, Your Team Name @72 SOLD/Your Brokerage Name

This daily process done county-wide has resulted in multiple appointments per month for my team. With a smaller area that number will be lower but still very important to do and low hanging fruit.

3. Bus Shelter Promo Purchased - In my higher end ZIP code, I purchased three bus shelter ad spaces for the next 6 months. The poster/ad is attached. This coupled with the letter, I hope to create some face recognition for me and build some credibility with my stats, etc.  

Monie's Bus Shelter Ad

4. Writing in a local neighborhood publication - I am slated to begin a monthly column in the neighborhood magazines/newsletters that go out in most of my ZIPs. Likely they'll be a lot like my blog posts but include some of my stats at the end.

So far this is what I've put together to start building my own 72 SOLD business in my neighborhood and exclusive ZIPs. These ideas are very basic and will grow and flex with time. With all of us as owners of our areas, we will collaborate and grow our businesses together - I cannot wait.

In the meantime, take some time to get clear on 2-4 things you can do right away in your territories the minute you sign on the dotted line.

I'm so excited to be on this adventure with you guys.  

All my love,


Rewatch Coaching Sessions

Hit the Mitts Rewatch - 5/15/2023

Can you successfully call a lead who said "not interested" and get the appointment? That's what we practiced on this HtM - a definite must rewatch!

Tuesdays with Monie Rewatch

Did you miss TwM this week? Hear how some of our most successful agents are signing at a higher percentage than average in this rewatch.

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Hit the Mitts Roleplay


10am AZ/1pm EST

Tuesdays with Monie


10am AZ/1pm EST

National Team Call


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Hit the Mitts

This week we will work on talk tracks to use on phone calls with potential sellers to GET THE APPOINTMENT and practice talking to sellers about lowering their price.

Hit the Mitts is only offered to those enrolled in my 72 Sold National Coaching group.

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Tuesdays With Monie

This week we will continue to deepen our skills around the program together. These powerful discussions are growing in quality and actionable takeaways. Can't wait to see you there and hear your thoughts and ideas.

TwM is only offered to those enrolled in my 72 Sold National Coaching group.

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Get To Work

Stick in their Minds

Here is the art for the leave behind sticky notes we've developed for my Phoenix team. If you arrive and the seller missed their appointment you can leave this on the door and follow up via call or text. Also, you could use to door knock your unresponsive leads without actually knocking - see if you get some hands raised.

Feel free to use! What's mine is yours

Appointment Setting Secrets

If you're having issues with converting referrals to appointments, this Zoom is a must watch! Learn the appointment setting sequence the corporate callers and virtual assistance use to convert at the highest level.

"Wake the Ded" Idea of the Week

Unique message to send to FSBO’s, Expireds and Cancels. I recommend sending a shortened version of this via text or a longer version on 72 SOLD letterhead via mail. 

For Sale By Owner Letter Content

Hello ______,

Getting back to you regarding the 72 SOLD price you requested on _______. 

We offer a For Sale By Owner option that I believe you may qualify for. This option shows you top offers for your property with:

* No obligation 

* No commission 

* Includes complimentary professional photography

* And is facilitated all in 8 days or less. 

In general offers average 8-12% higher than offers garnered traditionally with Realtors. I’ll be in your area on Saturday. Please contact me to schedule your walkthrough so I can confirm your property and share details.

72 SOLD Objection Wiki

Because we win through collaboration we now have a 72 SOLD objection wiki. As you practice and get success with objections, login to the wiki and update for the team. Let's grow our knowledge based together!

The 72 SOLD Objection Wiki is only to be accessed by those enrolled in my 72 Sold National Coaching group.

Visit the Objection Wiki

Hub Statuses and Requirements

Yeehaw, we have more statuses. This will help you account for more scenarios with your referrals and hopefully improve the quality of your reporting. I need your help making sure:

  1. No lead stays in NEW status longer than 24 hours
  2. ALL appointments set include the date and time
  3. After the appointment within 24 hours you update the status again and add notes.
  4. If you list a property in the Notes add - price or range pricing, timeframe of the listing agreement, proposed go active date


Status Cheatsheet:

New - means not contacted yet. You should have no lead in New status for more than an hour.

Appointment Set - means you have a future appointment. This status should change immediately after the appointment is completed.

Follow Up or Agent Working Lead - means you need to follow up with the lead either to set the appointment. AWL in general, indicates longer term nurture needed.

Listed - this means YOU listed it, not someone else.

Appt done - Follow Up - You had the appointment. They didn't list with you. You will follow up with them in some respect to pursue the listing.

Attempted to Contact - Referral hasn't set the appointment yet despite you contacting them.

Cancelled Appointment - The Referral cancelled the appointment prior to it occurring. This is not to be used if you at all meet with the referral.

Do Not Contact - this is the explicit STOP message, if you didn't get a STOP then it's not DNC and should be changed to Follow Up or Agent Working Lead. This status isn't to be used for already listed homes, people who thought we are cash buyers, etc as they are still potential listings.

Closed - means you listed it and closed it.

Closed with Another Agent - the referral closed with another agent. Not just listed or pending, closed.

Nurture - a referral you met with or not that you feel requires longer term nurturing.

Referred Out - You referred the referral to another 72 SOLD agent.

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Connect and Celebrate

Visit the Success Bank

Let’s pool and document our regional successes to share with our leads. I created this Google doc for us to use for this purpose with the info needed to be more useful.

Please start adding your results so we can grow our success together. 

Bad*ss Team Member Alert!

This week calling out Dawn Braithwaite! Dawn is a killer salesperson, so incredibly talented and HUSTLES. All of these ingredients define Bad*ssness! Thank you for being a part of our team Dawn!

Pin Me Baby... One More Time

Did you know you earn an official 72 SOLD pin when you sign your first 72 SOLD referral? It's true - it's the official earned honor of 72 SOLD agents on my teams.

To claim your pin, fill out the form below. Please note a pin won't be sent unless your Hub is updated with the correct status and complete notes about the listed property.

PS: it is my opinion a pin should be earned not bought... amirightoramiright?

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We have a dedicated FB group for my territories/teams. Hop in by searching the group name to share referrals, ideas, and network.

Don't forget our team's chat is available for quick coaching for those who bought/working 72 SOLD referrals seats.

These FB and What's App offerings are only to be accessed by those enrolled in my 72 Sold National Coaching group.

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Pay 72 SOLD at Closing

And just like that some of you have closed 72 SOLD referrals. Here's how you pay your referral fee to us. Save this document for future reference.

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