T here is so much to be grateful for this holiday season. With your help, we’ve given over a thousand animals a second chance so far this year. But, I want to introduce you to one dog and litter in particular: Momo and her pups.

What makes Momo and her new family so special? The fact that they are in our care right now. This very moment, as you and I prepare for the holidays and New Year, they are safe. As we gather with family and friends, and reflect on all that we have to be grateful for — this family of dogs, and around 100 more animals in our care in the shelter, have full bellies and comfortable beds. And soon, we hope, many will be home for the holidays, too.
Momo and her pups are just one of many animals whose lives will be changed this year — and it’s only possible because of you. Thank you for giving hope to animals like Momo and to all of us at Olympic Peninsula Humane Society.

With Much Gratitude,
Luanne Hinkle
Executive Director
These cutey-pie pups are available for adoption this Sat. 12/7 at Koenig Subaru
from 10 am - 2 pm.
P.S. If you can help us with a donation, we appreciate it very much, as does Momo and her pups!
In honor of the Subaru Share the Love campaign, Santa will be available at Koenig Subaru in Port Angeles for pictures between 10 am and 2 pm this Sat., 12/7. Donations welcomed.
Taking a Second Look
Story courtesy of OPHS volunteer, Alan Szech
When I entered Adoption Row, most of the dogs barked at me. But at least two did not - a 10 month old puppy, maybe an Australian Shepard mix, named Finn; and a big Great Pyrenees named Moose. Like puppies often are - yet to be hurt, yet to become wary - Finn came right to the chainlink between us, wanting desperately to be pet. Moose, a little older, hung back in his space, the look on his face: “what is happening here?”
           I thought, “those two are so cute!” and then hated myself for it because I knew: these sweethearts will have no trouble finding homes. A cute puppy? A gentle 2 year old? “Those two will be gone by the end of the day,” I told Kelsey at the desk. It was not Finn and Moose I was there to write about.     
           Several dogs at OPHS have been there for more than a year; some for more than two. Two of these dogs are Thunder and Gabbs and, the first time I walked the Row - when I was drawn to Finn and Moose - Thunder and Gabbs were among the dogs that either barked at me or ignored me. And why wouldn’t they? I was a stranger in their home. Before she passed away three years ago, I had the world’s greatest dog, a Chesapeake Bay Retriever named India. I was a teacher and she was a therapy dog at my school and we were inseparable. She loved kids and thought cats were strange and hilarious - but if you came to our front door, she would bark so loudly you’d’ve been brave to enter. Dogs bark when strangers come to the door. That’s a nice feature of dogs.
           Luckily, I got to meet the “real" Thunder and the “real” Gabbs - the dogs who, in your home, might cuddle at your feet, help eat spilled lasagna off the kitchen floor, and alert you that you’ve ordered yet one more thing from Amazon Prime that you probably don’t need …
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Saturday, Dec. 7th 
4-8 p.m.
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Thunder is a full bred Catahoula Leopard Dog. It’s said the breed came from the mingling of explorer Hernando De Soto’s dogs and those that belonged to Native Americans in the 16th century. They are a hunting and herding breed, well-known for their work with hogs. Both Teddy Roosevelt and Jim Bowie hunted with Catahoulas. Because of their breeding, they can be assertive but most are reportedly even-tempered. They are intelligent and eagerly trained.
            When Thunder first arrived at the shelter, he was weary of men but he showed no mistrust of me this day and let me pet him without concern. He was more interested in other volunteers who had treats and were feeding him as he performed.
These volunteers told me that he loves training, is skilled on the agility course in the play area, and is one of the best dogs they’ve ever met (in all their lives) and is probably the favorite of everyone at the OPHS.
           When I wondered why, then, he (and other dogs) aren’t being adopted, staff and volunteers speculated that treasures like Thunder and Gabbs - who are probably best off without other pets (dogs and cats) in the home - are at a great disadvantage, for the average adopter already has other dogs and/or cats.
           It may also be that - like me - visitors are drawn to the dogs that look the cutest and act the sweetest in their cages.
           Gabbs was equally friendly and smart. I got to see her on the agility equipment in the play field where her behavior was amazing. Like Thunder, she let me pet and play with her but was more interested in the volunteers and their treats - and who can blame her? All I had was a notebook and a pen, and nothing that smelled delicious.
           I encourage you to read about these dogs on PetFinder but not to make your decision yet. It’s a little like internet dating. Some people sound great online but isn’t it better to just suck it up and go on a date? Wouldn’t it be fun to see Thunder on the trail or Gabbs in the play area? All you have to do is ask! And unlike dating, I promise: these guys will say “YES!  
Yappy Hour at Harbinger Winery
Thursday, December 12th  
5:00 pm to 7:00 pm
2358 Highway 101
Port Angeles
Meet Mona
Name: Mona Age: 12 years
Breed: Tabby
Owner surrender
Mona’s looks are certainly eye-catching. With marvelous large eyes, a kind round face and plush, bunny-soft fur, she is more than welcoming and enticing. She can be shy at first and may take a moment to warm up to you. But with an offering of treats and a gentle touch, you can quickly find yourself with a new friend in this kitty named Mona. Mona likes people and she likes being petted. Even though she may roll over and expose her belly, she’s not fond of belly rubs. Mona is okay around other cats if they are not right in her face and are kept at a distance. She is frightened of dogs, so Mona needs to be adopted into a home without them. Mona would love it to find a new home and a forever family
to call her own.
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