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Next NSENG Meeting is Mon Jan 6th
Features a presentation on "How to use  Emotional Intelligence  to perform better throughout your job search" plus networking
6:15-8:30pm at the Glenview Library (1930 Glenview Rd)
Emotional Intelligence is a different way of being smart and it's a key to high performance when looking for your next job. Research shows that individuals who demonstrate high Emotional Intelligence are far more effective looking for jobs and ultimately more productive employees when working on the job. It's a critical way to separate yourself from the pack of other candidates throughout your job search.

During this meeting,  JANICE AULL, one of Chicago's standout motivational speakers and facilitators, will share her expertise in applying Emotional Intelligence to job seekers. Here are a few of the topics that she will cover:
  • Conducting your own self-assessment and the confidence with knowing and accepting your strengths and limitations.
  • Improving your communication to influence and persuade the decisions-makers why you are the right candidate for the role. 
  • Maintaining an inner dialogue to demonstrate self-control and adaptability during a job interview.
  • Demonstrating readiness to act and seize opportunities during interviews.
  • Being attuned to the people you are trying to influence and picking up on their cues so you are more credible.

Here a bit of background about  Janice Aull
Janice is the founder of Aull About U LLC, a firm that focuses on improving individual performance through Emotional intelligence. With over 30 years of experience in a corporate environment, Janice has coached hundreds of executives and their teams through learning and development strategies. She is a faculty member with the Lake Forest Graduate School of Management. Janice also has a Master's degree in  Facilitating Human Performance Improvement  from DePaul Univ and a Graduate Certificate in  Organizational Performance & Workplace Learning  via Boise State Univ.

Our Jan 6th meeting agenda will include:
6:15-6:30 Open networking
6:30-6:45 Meeting announcements
6:45-7:35 Janice's presentation and Q&A
7:35-8:30 Small group networking
Here are a few additional upcoming events:
-- Mon Jan 13th, 9:15am - 1:00pm WORKSHOP @ Glenview Library: Marty Gilbert presents his "What the Hell Approach to Job Search"
-- Mon Jan 20th, 6:15-8:30pm MEETING @ Glenview Library: Larry Kaufman presents on "How to Network, Connect & Gain Introductions to Your Next Job” plus networking.

Over the past 14 days,  11 NSENG members have landed new jobs . Congratulations to:
-- Marina Sabol, Benefits Specialist at Coram CVS
-- Sameh Taka, Head of Strategy & Portfolio at FLI Charge  
-- Dustin Gerdes, Sr Marketing Analytics Mgr at TrueBlue Inc
-- Jim Bach, VP of Distribution Operations at Autocar Parts LLC
-- Warren Frank, CFO/COO at Anixter Center
-- Eric Bower, Account Director at NCR Corp
-- Jonathan Lutkowski, VP of Insights and Analytics at Cooler Screens
-- Philip Kornick, Project Mgr at Bluenet
-- Matt Kinnich, CEO at FMT Solutions
-- Mark Standefer, Attorney at Law at Axiom
-- Steve Haubrich, Sr Mgr Manufacturing Engineering at NorthStar Medical Radioisotopes LLC

Over the past 14 days,  44 new members have joined NSENG . Please feel free to reach out to them in an effort to help expand one another's networks:
Lynn Cullick… Anne Martino… Marci Pelzer… Mary Hibbard Ramirez… Lisa Crowe… Pam Lefkowitz… Tracey Mayer… Brad Colehour… David Walsh… Antonia Finlayson… Lisa Lew… Kira Brecht… Kara Buescher… Daniel Kern… Sean Costin… Elizabeth Fisher… Brad Colehour… Michael Sawadski… Janet Peterson… Kirsten Caspersen… Eric Cousino… Mark Morgensen… Jeanne Mancheff… Clyde Walter… Paul Schmidt… Steven Fleisher… Fred Ehle… Eddy Tan… Nick Kroscher… Tom Spoden… Sanjay Goel… Prem Mony… Jon Kazlo… Jeff Greenspan… Prem Mony… Maura Culhane… Gregory Champlin… Kevin McCann… Barbara Livesay… William Evans… Suzanne Jakstavich… Peter Bouman… William Delbridge… David Walsh

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And if you're an NSENG member who has already landed, you're always welcome to come back to any meeting. Lastly, don't forget to check out the Glenview library's underground parking if the above ground lot is full-- and parking on the side streets and at the Metra station are always an option.

Marty Gilbert
NSENG Founder/CEO & Job Search Coach

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Marty Gilbert
NSENG Founder/CEO & Job Search Coach
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