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Monarch Automation is a high technology distributor serving the factory and process automation industries. 

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Festo VS Series Valves
The next generation in single valves: high-flow, robust and low cost
The VS series valves are distinguished by outstanding value for the money, as well as exceptional diversity. Modern design. Robust and durable quality. 
  • Available as an electrically or pneumatically actuated valve
  • Easy to assemble: available as ready-to-install individual valves, or as pre-assembled units on a manifold rail 
  • Ideal for use in vacuum and the low-pressure range
M.G.M. Electric Motors
Monarch Automation adds M.G.M. Electric Motors
MGM motors are asynchronous three-phase totally enclosed fan cooled motors. All MGM motors are designed for inverter duty.

MGM brake motors are asynchronous three-phase totally enclosed fan cooled motors. The motor brakes in case of power supply failure. The braking action is always obtained through a very quick and precise stop and it guarantees a safe and prompt intervention in case of an unintentional power supply failure.

Modular System for Vacuum End Effectors
Hose-free vacuum distribution
The Schmalz modular system for vacuum end effectors, VEE allows fast, flexible configuration of end effectors for different processes. A wide selection of combinations of vacuum feed and zones, connection elements and suction pad connections is available to create the matching end effector.
  • Flexible modular design with perfectly coordinated parts 
  • Variable number of suction pads and variable suction pad distances
  • Designed for high-speed applications with accelerations up to 10 g (100 m/s²) 
  • FDA compliant material (high performance thermoplastic) 
MayTec Conveyor System
Highly modular, solid construction, optimal adaptation
The MayTec conveyor system provides optimal adaptation to the required task.  Belt material, drive type and profile design can be combined in any number of combinations to best suit the application.
  • Belt Conveyors
  • Plastic Chain Conveyor
  • Curved Conveyors
EATON General Purpose Variable Frequency Drives
PowerXL DG1 VFDs, engineered for industrial applications
The DG1 general-purpose drives are part of the Eaton next-generation PowerXL series of adjustable frequency drives specifically engineered for today’s more demanding commercial and industrial applications. With an industry-leading energy efficiency algorithm, high short-circuit current rating and robust design, the DG1 offers customers increased efficiency, safety and reliability.

Product Offering:
  • 230V to 125 hp, 310A, 90 k
  • 480V to 250 hp, 310A, 160 k
  • 575V to 250 hp, 250A, 160 k
  • Type 1/IP21 or Type 12/IP54 packaging  

PowerXL DG1 Drives

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