Dear friend in Christ,

Happy Labor Day! Whatever your work, whether it's in the fields, at home or in an office, work is something sacred. St. Benedict tells us that, "Idleness is the enemy of the soul" ( Rule of Benedict, Ch. 45:1) and Benedictines have a tradition of blending work and prayer so that the one is always present in the other.

A famous Benedictine motto is " Ora et labora," meaning "prayer and work." Check out our Labor Day greeting this weekend on 99.9FM to hear more about that!

Prayer is part of every sister's day, but especially at Saint Scholastica Convent in St. Cloud, where prayer is their ministry. Many of you who received an invitation to Gratitude Day, which was held on August 11, returned a prayer request card. We prayed for those intentions at Mass and at the prayer service on Gratitude Day. After the festivities, the prayer cards made the journey to Saint Scholastica Convent where the sisters have continued to pray for those needs throughout August. Thanks to all of you who made requests and to the sisters at Saint Scholastica for their dedication to the ministry of prayer.

With prayers of gratitude to you for the work you do.