Dear friend in Christ,

We're sending you this letter a little earlier in the month than usual to wish you a blessed Holy Week and Easter.

Easter is a joyful time of year, yet first we have to walk the path of Christ's suffering and death. As Sister Ephrem Hollermann suggests in her notes on the Sunday gospels of Lent (which are printed a front of the sisters' Liturgy of the Hours ordo booklet for Lent): "The message of the Sunday Lenten Gospels climaxes in the passion narrative of Mark on Palm Sunday. The meaning of Mark's entire gospel is epitomized in the centurion's act of faith: 'Truly this man was God's Son' (Mk 15:39). The good news of salvation has reached the gentile world."

Let us each walk today in solidarity with the suffering Christ who is still among us in the form of the many people who are marginalized in our society and come to understand that in them we see right now the Son of God who will be raised in Easter glory.

May God be with you in these holy days!