Ashley Hribar and Bobby Mitchell perform Metropolis by Matan Porat, in Piano Slam 9.
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Dear Friend -

Live music brings us together as human beings in community. We have expected it would always be so, but today, the concert world has ground to a halt.  As individuals we probably are more physically distant now than we have been in our lifetime. And yet, while all of us are  deeply concerned about what tomorrow may bring,  we do still expect a future. We must invest in it.

Today we share with you different artists and other performers involved in  Dranoff‘s arts integration initiative,  PIANO SLAM. It is our outreach program that invests our music and organizational resources in young people through concerts, arts- integrated education, creative writing and performance. Every year for the past 13 years Dranoff has brought PIANO SLAM to middle and high schools, focusing on neighborhoods with less access and fewer resources and schools with a majority of minority students.
In this moment, our city and our world are experiencing a public upheaval and reaction to the ongoing and unwarranted violence, and injustice against black members of our community.  Dranoff calls on the creative arts and its supporters to bring their voice, and calls on artists and art to be a part of the solution. Let us develop a path and resources for a better quality of life for the black and brown families of our community.

To have a future we must act now. We have to continue to invest in all of our community. Let’s bring ourselves, great art and music to the work of building a brighter future. Let’s insist on better lives for our community and our children. Let us listen to what they have to say through their voices and their actions.


Gabriele Fiorentino
The Dranoff 2 Piano Foundation
Piano Slam

Words, language, poetry - community.

In this issue of Music Monday, we wanted to go beyond music to share with you the music of language and of poetry. We have had the great honor of working with award winning writers and poets, and the absolute joy of discovering and furthering the voices of Miami’s youth. 

I hope your hearts are touched, as is mine. 

Please enjoy this beautiful performance by the writer, musician and performer Roger Robinson, as he is accompanied by the duo of Ashley Hribar and Bobby Mitchell.
Roger was awarded the prestigious T. S. Eliot Prize in 2019 and the Ondaatje Prize in 2020.

We were honored to have him work with our students in Piano Slam 9. This poem is about an immigrant, a stranger, who tries to become better understood, to become part of his new land.

Nina Ahmadi was a winner of Piano Slam 9 in 2017. She talks about what her participation in the program contributed to her growth and success both in high school and now at college. Her poem "Symphony of the Stree" was inspired by marches and rallies post the 2016 elections

A winner of Piano Slam 10 in 2018, Angie Lopez talks about how her experience has encouraged her to pursue art and poetry as a real profession. She recites one of her most recent poems which she wrote about these troubling times, and about what she is still grateful for:  “All the Things they can’t take away”

Brenis Bostick talks about his experience as a finalist in Piano Slam 12 this year,, and recites his winning poem "Mother Miami".

Here is what the educator Dr. Precious Simonette says about her 12 year long experience with Piano Slam: " The program uses critical thinking and creativity to create beautiful art. It introduces the students to the 21st century skills that are needed to be successful."


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