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Good heavens! It's August!
As you all know by now (I hope), the Organizational Design Work Group (ODWG) is analyzing the data from the June survey about the three models generated in Denver. An important piece of feedback from the surveys has been a request for much more detail, helping people see how the model will actually work once implemented (even though we fully expect it to be tweaked as we learn with it in coming years). The analysis will lead to a final model to be recommended to the Board.

Once the Board approves the design, three processes will commence. First, we will produce a video that gives an overview of the proposed redesign. We will encourage all members to view it prior to their regional meetings. Second, the bylaws will be revised and sent to the members for review and comment. We will ask for comments within a 30-45 day window. The model and the comprehensive report will accompany the bylaws. Third, I will facilitate a q & a at each of the regions, providing another level of feedback.
The first week of November, the final version of the bylaws will go out to the membership for approval along with the national officer slate and a revised budget (which will take into account the implications of the restructuring process).
Please let me know if you have questions. We are working hard to make sure every member has a voice in this process so we can get to the best result possible.
Archival Spelunking:
Thanks to David Johnson and Bill Scrivener, both of whom spent a couple of days in the history archives looking for material that we will include in our 50th celebration in May. We can't wait to share images and stories from throughout the years of ACPE!
Per the requests of many of you, Mary Stewart Hall and Amy Greene are developing a webinar on the new certification/professional development process. Register today.
The COMISS Network Board:
The COMISS Network is a network on ministry in specialized settings. As many of you know, I am currently serving in my first term on the COMISS Board of Directors. We had a productive meeting here in Atlanta and are looking forward to the 2017 Forum in Alexandria, VA.

Also, mark your calendars: COMISS reminds you that Pastoral/Spiritual Care Week the third week of October. To order merchandise and for more information, click HERE.
A Poem for Reflection: "The Avowal" by Denise Levertov
I'm guessing that a lot of summer students have reached that place of their CPE program where they are longing to lean into the Creator Spirits' embrace. I offer these words from Denise Levertov.
Some perspective(s):
Many of our ACPE colleagues are gifted photographers. If I can't get it on my iPhone, it ain't happening. Thus, I have great appreciation for those who are artists with a lens. In honor of our gifted colleagues, I offer the following from a recent National Geographic contest.
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