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Organizational Design Update:
On Wednesday, August 10, the ACPE Board of Representatives met to discuss the proposal from the Organizational Design Work Group (ODWG).
At the conclusion of the discussion, the Board passed the following motion:
"I move that the ACPE Board of Representatives accept the recommendations of the Organizational Design Work Group with revisions by the Board of Representatives for approval by the membership through a vote on bylaws this fall. And that the Organizational Design Work Group be dismissed with our greatest thanks for their dedication and commitment to ACPE." The motion passed unanimously.
So what happens now? First, the work will begin immediately to revise the bylaws. Once completed, the revised bylaws (shown in parallel with the current bylaws) and the ODWG proposal will be sent to the membership as a "News You Can Use" with instructions for comments and questions. We expect that to come to you the first week of September. The comment period will remain open until Oct. 21. The membership will also be provided the opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback at each of the regional meetings. 

Nothing will be official until the bylaws have been approved by the membership, a move that will effectively approve the new organizational design. We expect that vote to take place the week of Nov. 7.
Please join me in thanking the Organizational Design Work Group and Donna Dunn, our Tecker International consultant, for the countless hours, thought and heart they have given to this process. The Summary Analysis of the Three Models is available in ACPExchangeResource Library.
Thanks to Martin Montonye for this research article!
Ever wondered if you could find better support for your argument of why your students need to be included on trauma care teams? Here you go!
Peachey, K., Cutts, T., DeMont, M., Lawrence, D., Hatcher, B., Berz, J., & Laurence, L. (2016). Integrating Care to Improve Health Outcomes: Trauma, Resilience and Mental Health. In Cutts, T. & Cochrane, J. R. (Eds.), Stakeholder Health: Insights from New Systems of Health (pp. 97-124). USA: Stakeholder Health.
"Limiting most of these models is an approach that generally involves medicine 'integrating' other 'ancillary' services into their practice. Workflows might shift, thorough screenings might invite the clinic to treat some depression, anxiety or addiction that might have otherwise been missed, services can be enhanced, but the basic limit is still there-treat what is broken, ill, or diseased, and follow the known best protocol. The focus stays on the biological aspects of the person. This contrasts with the holistic model of assessment, treatment, prevention and wellness, particularly as the key to managing chronic health conditions, that many promote, including the World Council of Churches, National Institutes of Health, Doctors Without Borders, Association of Clinical Pastoral Education, American Association of Pastoral Counselors, and American Psychiatric Association."
A Poem for Reflection: "Dawn Revisited" by Rita Dove
This poem reminds me of so many patients who wake up a day or a week after surgery and begin to have a sense of a new lease on life. Of course, I am also thinking of it as our association looks to its future. May the smell of a good breakfast draw us forward into the promise of our shared work!
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All too often, we act as if we are past sexism. Let's be clear: we have a long way to go, even if a woman is elected president. (Is our country that much better for African Americans now that we've had a black president?) And as we explore the intersectionality of sexism with other forms of marginalization, the conversations grow more difficult. The religious/spiritual context can be one of the most challenging. Here's an article for your consideration. 
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