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Organizational Design Update:
This is a follow-up to last week's update: a few folks asked which of the three models the board selected. The Organizational Design Work Group actually used the feedback to develop a hybrid - call it a "best of" - model which was approved by the board. That has led a few folks to ask where they can find the new model. It is currently on the "tweak desk," getting finishing touches along with the full report and revised bylaws. We feel it is best to provide all of the information at once hoping to give the most comprehensive picture.
There will still be details to be worked out by an implementation team; for now, think of the work as that of the architects. Next step: your review and comments, which will then lead to the "General contractors" (i.e. the implementation team) developing the transition plan. We'll send the model, report and bylaws to the membership the first week of September.
The comment period will remain open until Oct. 21. The membership will also be provided the opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback at each of the regional meetings. Nothing will be official until the bylaws have been approved by the membership, a move that will effectively approve the new organizational design. We expect that vote to take place the week of Nov. 7.
Also, a couple of folks noted they had difficulty finding the summary analysis of the three models from May. If you go to the ACPE website, follow this trail: 
  • Point to "My ACPE" in the navigation bar,
  • scroll down to "My Communities" and click, then click on "ACPExchange",
  • click on "Organizational Design Feedback from Conference,
  • scroll down to and click on "Summary Analysis of 3 Models". 
Other Major Activities:
The Accreditation Task Force and the Certification/Professional Development Implementation Group are actively working on their respective tasks. You can expect updates this fall.
We should have the results of the salary survey within the next few days. We hope it will be helpful to you and your departments. Please let us know what is most helpful from the results and what else you need so we can improve the next survey in two years.
Terry Izaguirre at the ASAE National Convention:
In recent years, the national staff has become much more engaged with the American Society of Association Executives and the Georgia chapter as well. Terry Izaguirre and John Roch are both seeking to achieve "Certified Association Executive" credentials within the next year. Terry recently attended the ASAE national convention and took a picture with keynoter speakers, Captains Mark and Scott Kelly. Gotta love our staff: keeping our feet on the ground but eyes on the stars as we look to serve the ACPE!
Terry at ASAE

A Poem of and for Reflection: "Diggingby Sarah Green
ACPE Supervisor Kim Goodman's student, Sarah Green, penned this lovely poem as a reflection on her summer unit. You may find it useful with your students!

Sarah completed her unit at Abbott Northwestern Hospital Inc. in Minneapolis, MN. 
And Just for Fun:
Every year, Beloit College publishes a list of things that are a part of the experience for the incoming class of 18-year olds entering colleges and universities this fall called "The Mindset List." There are always more than a few "forehead slappers" in the mix, perhaps a few that can help educators bridge the generational divide with our students! For example, Mother Theresa died before this year's entering class was born.
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