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Salary Survey:
Just a quick update: watch your email tomorrow for the results from the most recent salary survey. The good news: salaries are not losing ground; the bad news: they're not gaining much either. Thanks again to all who participated.
Organizational Model, Board Report and Revised Bylaws:
Also coming this week in a "News You Can Use:" the Model and Report was accepted by the Board as well as the proposed revisions to the Bylaws which help clarify some of the details in the model. There will be plenty of time and opportunity for discussion at regional meetings. I will be at each region's meeting to hear all questions and facilitate conversation. As a reminder, none of this is final until the membership votes via a virtual meeting the week of November 7. Thanks again to David Carl, Jasper Ketih, Dick Haines, Amanda Jones, Carlos Bell, Barbara Bullock, Peter Yuchi Clark, and Donna Dunn (our Tecker International consultant) for their time and effort in this process!
A Poem for Reflection: "Still I Rise" by Maya Angelou 
Some of you may have heard this poem several times during the Olympics. Some of you may know it because of the ways Maya Angelou's mind, heart and soul have stirred us through the years. Each morning as I walk into the ACPE national office, I pass dozens of teenagers making their way to middle and high school, and I cannot help but hear her voice as they pass: "I rise, I rise, I rise."
A Resource for Exploring Vocation with Students:
A good friend in California noticed that many graduates of Stanford were very focused on their careers but were not asking questions about the quality or character of their lives. Working with another friend, both of whom are trained in'design thinking," they've created a new resource. 

Here's the blurb: 


Designing Your Life - It's Prototyping, Not Passion
What's your passion?" This is one of the central questions posed in today's culture, whether we are declaring a major, applying for jobs, contemplating a new role or career path, or embracing retirement. We seem to operate under the belief that if we just find out what we are passionate about, everything else will fall into place. It's not true. We all have multiple good answers to the question "What should I do with my life?" We have more than one lifetime's worth of life in us, so there is no single "right" or "best" life. Furthermore, in today's world, one version of your life isn't enough. Students today should expect to have at least two and more likely three to five different "careers" over their sixty-plus year working life. So we're not very passionate about the passion thing. We are passionate about helping people build their way forward though more creative ideas and practical prototyping of real, possible lives in the real world. Designing Your Life is just that - a set of accessible ideas and doable tools rooted in design thinking, the innovation secret sauce of Silicon Valley that can enable anyone to build their way forward.  After a decade of development and successful implementation with thousands of students and clients, the insights from the Stanford Life Design Lab are finally available for everyone. The book is available here:  Designing Your Life.


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