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Thank you, Lea!
For the last nine weeks, we have thoroughly enjoyed having Lea Parker serve with us as a summer intern. Lea, a rising senior at Western Carolina University, is a theater major and headed back for another year of study. In her time with us, she has participated in conversations about marketing strategy, been involved in helping digitally capture decades of "yellow cards" (i.e. the registration cards used before the early 1990s), and produced this briefing each week! She will be missed, but we will have a new permanent staff member to introduce next Monday!
Organizational Design Work Group (ODWG)
As promised, the ODWG met last week via Zoom for a two-hour video conference to review the feedback from this summer's survey regarding the three models generated in Denver. From that discussion, a revised model has been developed and will go to the Board for their consideration. (Note: the board meets Wednesday, August 10 at 3:00pm via Zoom.) Board members have been encouraged to discuss the proposal with their regional directors and chairs. If the Board approves a model, it will go to our attorney to assist us in revising our bylaws. We hope to send the model, the Board report and the bylaws to the membership the first week of September.

If the Board approves the proposal, the next step will be the revision of the bylaws. We will send those out to the membership by the first week of September for comment. We will not vote on the bylaw changes until early November, allowing every region to discuss the model and the bylaw changes at their regional meetings. I will attend each meeting to facilitate discussions along with the regional board rep and, when available, members of the ODWG.
Please continue to hold the members of the ODWG and the Board in your thoughts as they engage in this important, creative and challenging work!
A Poem for Reflection: "The giver (for Berdis)" by James Baldwin
While I know time has played with the facts, I have an emotional memory of my last weeks of my first unit of CPE where I felt overwhelmed by my finitude, by the limits of all I hoped to offer and do. I think this poem captures those feelings. I think it also speaks to the feelings of so many well-intended folk in this time.
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