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Still South Sudan. Kabul again. And now Munich: 
My selfish prayer is to make it at least a week without some reason for a prayer for peace or a prayer to end the senseless violence. I believe the universe is fundamentally gracious, and yet the evidence to contrary is relentless. May we not just pray but work for peace, to not just speak back but live in ways that do not allow the demagoguery and cynicism of this age define who we are or how we shall be. May we live in hope. 
Congrats to Riverside Regional Medical Center and CPE Supervisor Wendi Steinberg! 
RRMC and Wendi were awarded a $333,000 grant last Friday by the Robert Lantz Foundation. Such significant program support is unusual and speaks to the quality of RRMC's program and its leadership. Join me in congratulating Wendi, her predecessor Doug Watson and RRMC!
Salary survey reminder: 
If you have not already completed the survey, please do! Here's a LINK.
From the National Office:
I'll let you know next week. I've been in Orlando at the National Down Syndrome Conference with my wife and daughter. Here's a picture of Martha with cast of A&E's "Born This Way."  
A Poem for Reflection: 
"Making Peace" by Denise Levertov
Denise Levertov died too young, but she left such beauty in her wake. A sample for you reflection.
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