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National Day of Giving 
giving tuesday 2016 Tomorrow, November 29, 2016, is once again the National Day of Giving, a chance to support those organizations and causes near and dear to your heart. We hope that ACPE is one of them! Click here to see the stories that are shaping this year's campaign, or click here to make a donation online! We're grateful for all you do to make ACPE the strong, vibrant association it is - and we hope you join us in supporting our work as we look to our next 50 years!
A Poem for Reflection 
As I sat with family last week, enjoying and enduring the Thanksgiving rituals that we love/hate together, I remembered this poem by Sara Teasdale. Each time may mother mentioned my father - who has been dead for 10 years - the light mentioned in the last line seemed to come alive for even a brief moment. Amidst and sometimes despite all the history, the love remains, endures, perhaps even grows, whether spoken or not:
"Those Who Love" by Sara Teasdaley
Those who love the most,
Do not talk of their love,
Francesca, Guinevere,
Deirdre, Iseult, Heloise,
In the fragrant gardens of heaven
Are silent, or speak if at all
Of fragile, inconsequent things.
And a woman I used to know
Who loved one man from her youth,
Against the strength of the fates
Fighting in somber pride,
Never spoke of this thing,
But hearing his name by chance,
A light would pass over her face.
Just for Fun
Happiness leads to success. Don't believe it? Give this a listen:  Why Happy People Do it Better | The Science of Happiness.
CPE Curriculum Development Grants 
Click here for more information from the latest round of the Transforming Chaplaincy Project!

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