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Bylaws Vote Opens Today! 
By now you have received the member and lawyer revised Bylaws. The redline version and the parallel version are online. 

Ballots were sent out via email this morning at 8:00 am EST. Click here to see a sample email. Voting will continue until 11:59pm PST, Wednesday, Nov. 9.  Also, here are the instructions for voting Contact John Roch with questions about ballots. 

To pass, 2/3 of voting members must approve the new bylaws.  We will let you know the results as soon as we have them. 

The Finance Committee will meet via conference call later in the week to discuss any immediate budget implications and to finalize the 2017 budget for presentation to the Board at their meeting the next week. This will be Doug Watson's final meeting after six years as ACPE Treasurer - please join me in thanking him for his outstanding work!
Certification Implementation Team Begins Work 
With gratitude to Mary Stewart Hall, Chair-Elect of the Certification Commission, and Robin Booth, former Chair of the Certification Commission, for their willingness to serve as co-chairs of the implementation team. Bill DeLong had to step down from this role due to new work demands, but we're grateful for his efforts to get this work started! We will provide updates as they have them. 
For Your Information 
Many of you have asked for more/other information about salaries. While this does not speak to CPE, supervision, or chaplaincy, it does give some national and regional data about clergy salaries across the US. There is a specific subset related to specialty hospitals as well as interesting parsing across metro areas around the US: Clergy Employment and Wages, May 2015
A Poem for Reflection 
This poem is new to me but was posted by a friend who is healing from a recent surgery:
"Infirm" by Gwendolyn Brooks
Everybody here
is infirm.
Everybody here is infirm.
Oh. Mend me. Mend me. Lord.
Today I
say to them
say to them
say to them, Lord:
look! I am beautiful, beautiful with
my wing that is wounded
my eye that is bonded
or my ear not funded
or my walk all a-wobble.
I'm enough to be beautiful.
You are
beautiful too.
Worth Your Time
Some of you are aware of a recent news segment that was a blatant example of racial discrimination against Asians and Asian Americans. The good people at Soul Pancake have a series called "How You See Me." This recent segment called "ASIAN" is a great response to that news incident: ASIAN | How You See Me

(Note: there is also a great segment called ARAB, available here: ARAB | How You See Me)
This Week on the Calendar
In what must be one of the unusual flukes of the year, no holidays are listed on our multi-faith calendar for this week! More next week, though!
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