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Trace Informal Welcome to Monday Briefing, a weekly digest from ACPE Executive Director Trace Haythorn

Each week, you will receive related articles, updates on ACPE transitions, and helpful links to keep you connected, better informed, and well-resourced for the week ahead.
Organizational Redesign: 
Thank you to those who have sent in questions about the proposed Governance Model and Updated Bylaws . We have complied many of the questions into an " FAQ " document.  We will continue to build on this list in the coming weeks, so please keep emailing us questions and checking back. 
A Season of Regional Meetings: 
I look forward to meeting with all of the regions this fall starting with the East Central Region at the end of the week. In addition, in October I'll serve as a panelist at conferences on chaplaincy at Vanderbilt and in Atlanta. I am excited about celebrating the anniversary of Duke's program. I hope to see you along the way!
A Poem for Reflection: "Day in Autumn," by Rainer Maria Rilke 
I am a child of Autumn. It is not just my favorite season; it is the season I feel most alive. I was one of those kids who loved the beginning of school: new friends, new spiral-bound notebooks, new football and band seasons, new challenges, opportunities, loves and losses. 
Just for Fun: 
If you haven't experienced Kid President, take a minute to give this clip a listen. He is a gift and has a remarkable story as well. 
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