Monday Massage Relief
~ 3/16/20 - 3/20/15 ~
I feel strongly about the Power of Touch as it helps mitigate panic, separateness and fear. To that end our office is "not" a crowded space and we take careful measures to prepare for a sanctioned, clean, worry free experience.

Massage stimulates the immune system, reduces stress, and supports the resilience of the nervous system.

Of course, we don't want you or any of our staff to come if you are exhibiting symptoms but we also "trust" you to navigate current circumstances.

Though our office hours will get more compact (TBA); if you get "cabin fever" I encourge you take a break.

With Love, Gregory
~ 3/16-3/20~
60 Minute Foot Essentials Massage -    $71    (Normally $125)
60 Minute Swedish Massage -    $80    (Normally $125)
60 Minute Sports Massage with CBD oil -    $89    (Normally $135)
75 Minute Deep Tissue Massage -  $107  (normally $160)
90 Minute Deep Heat with Lavender Oil Massage -  $125 (   normally $190)
Therapists Schedule   
Monday:       Mariko, Nathan, Laura, Nick, Luis, Rob
Tuesday:     Laura, Chris, Mariko, Rob, Tracey 
Wednesday: Nora, Karl, Rob, Marisol, Chris
Thursday: Carlos, Luis, Igor, Marisol, Michelle
Friday:       Karl, Suzanne, Luis, Lala, Joanna, Laura
Saturday:      Chris, Gabby, Igor, Rob, Gregory
Sunday:         Chris, Nick, Tracy, Joanna, Michelle                                                            
Adopt wonder and its expectation and sweat as you die in the fire of Translation.
~Kenneth G. Mills, Canadian Poet and Philosopher