Good afternoon,
Since the Shelter in Place order started, Sholom Justice has continued to stay committed to ensuring our Monday Meals program continues. We’ve previously been ordering boxed meals and handing them out to our guests (at a safe distance). Recently, though, we decided to adjust our plans for the foreseeable future so we can continue Temple Sholom’s Monday Meal tradition while also helping some of our partner organizations who need extra support during this time. Here’s how it works:
Instead of continuing to order boxed meals, we are going to start making bag lunches for our guests. Each bagged meal will consist of bottled water, a sandwich, pre-wrapped dessert, an individual package of chips, fruit, and a granola bar.Sandwiches are taken care of, but we are looking for all other items of the meal to be contributed.

This is where we need your help! Each week, we need a quantity of 60 of each item listed above, (any remaining meals after distribution are being donated to Northside Housing). We plan on collecting the items you donate while adhering to the Shelter in Place guidelines:If you are able to contribute an item(s), please click here . We are also asking for congregants to write letters of encouragement and support for our guests. These go a long way and help provide dignity and warmth, which is a signature of our Monday Meals.

Items and letters being contributed are to be dropped off outside of Temple at the Stratford entrance on a designated cart. Safe drop-off will take place between 3:30-4:00pm each Monday. If you have questions about drop-off, please contact Toby for more information. There will also be a staff member on hand if you prefer to use a delivery service (deliveries must be made between 3:30-4:00pm).
Please know that we are asking that you treat these contribution(s) as an in-kind donation, and purchases will not be reimbursed. By temporarily switching to this system, Sholom Justice is saving a substantial amount of money that we can use to make additional monetary donations to our partner organizations in need of extra support during this time.  
If you are healthy, able and willing, please consider signing up for one or multiple items here or using the link below. We appreciate your continued support of Temple Sholom and our social justice initiatives. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.
Thank you,
Sholom Justice